About the workshop

The summer game development workshop is an interdisciplinary group based project that focuses on game development. Teams are formed from the arts and animation, computer science and other disciplines interested in game development. These teams create a prototype over the 8-9 weeks of the workshop within the community of participants. We organizers focus on production, pipeline, design, prototyping, presentation, marketing and player feedback to create the most viable, fun prototype in the limited time. Participants are encouraged to experiment with genre, style, mechanics and any other aspect of game development within the team setting.

Facilitation team: James Morgan, Tom Austin, Cole Pergerson.

Pitch to CS department

Final game presentation from the 2020 workshop

Past Projects


What could this workshop lead to?

This could be an opportunity to prototype and recruit team members before fully committing to a game idea. For those looking to join a project, this can be a chance to be part of a BFA animation, Game Dev Club, or other student lead game project.

Tezca: Hidden Below is an example of Animation BFA project. A team of 20 animation and 3 computer science students worked on this first person horror game for a year.


Create a game from start to finish


Week Topic Date
Week 1 Introduce workshop, requirements document, and prototyping. June 7th
Creating a design document and understanding Trello. June 9th
Review of design document and more lessons on prototyping. June 11th
Week 2 Learn about Git and verison control, asset pipeline, and agile development. June 14th
Design Doc reviews. June 16th
Producer, programmer, artists and game designer meeting. June 18th
Week 3 Production begins. What to do during this phase. June 21th
Week 4 How to playtest. Artist, programmer, designer, and producer meetings. June 28th
Week 5 First Sprint evaluation. July 5th
Week 6 Mid-Sprint evaluation. July 12th
Week 7 Second Sprint evaluation. July 19th
Week 8 Mid-Sprint evaluation July 26th
Week 9 Presentations. August 2nd
Public release of games. August 6th

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  • We will eventually have a discord server
  • James Morgan (Art/CS) james.morgan@sjsu.edu
  • Tom Austin (Animation) tom.austin@sjsu.edu
  • Cole Pergerson (Production Lead) cole.pergerson@sjsu.edu

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