Global Game Jam 2021

Join this year's Global Game Jam at SJSU provided by the CADRE media labs in collaboration with the Game Dev Club at SJSU.

Global Game Jam is the largest game making event in the world! Regions from all around the world participate by hosting their own Game Jam site. CADRE Media Labs and the Game Dev Club at SJSU are working together to bring Global Game Jam to San Jose. Our goal is to bring together the San Jose game development community through collaboration and design challenges. No experience is required and this jam will be hosted on the Game Dev Club Discord server. To join our jam site, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

What can you expect?

What is a game jam?

Game jams are creative challenges to create a game under a certain amount of time. Jams are opportunities to jumpstart an idea, learn a new tool, improve skills, and meet other developers. By participating in a game jam, you’re leveling up your game development experience in a short amount of time. People love jams because they aren’t tied to their game afterwards. They can either expand on their finished game or start a new one. So join our game jams to connect with the community and finish a game!

Will this be your chance to get started in game development?

We encourage anyone who wants to start making games to try a game jam. In a short amount of time, newcomers can become familiar with a game engine and leave with a finished game. If you're new, join the Game Dev Club Discord to get connected with other students and stay up to date with their events.


Dates: Global Game Jam starts on January 29th and ends on January 31st.

All meetings for us will be hosted in the Game Dev Club Discord.

More details coming soon!

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Follow the steps to join!

  1. First the click the discord button to join the Game Dev Discord. Once you join, follow the instructions to become verified. We will be using this server to meet and communicate during the jam.
  2. Goto the SJSU Global Game Jam site: SJSU Global Game Jam Site
  3. Then, join this jam by clicking the link provided below and go to "Join This Jam Site." Login into your account or create one if you don't have one already. Press Join this jam image

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