GJ Pham Brothers

Pham Brothers (Glenn and John)
Fairy Invasion

Fairies run away from their predators by warping to another planet, but they were followed. Fight back against the pursuers! Note: Re-uploaded with a single executable. Fairy Invasion Note ===================================================== Player Controls -Player 1- Move/Angle: W, A, S, D Shot: F Melee: G Hyper: H Speed Boost: C Wing Color: V Indicator: B -Player 2- Move/Angle: ↑, ←, ↓, → Shot: K Melee: L Hyper: ; Speed Boost: , Wing Color: . Indicator: / -Player 3*- Move/Angle: Numpad 8, Numpad 4, Numpad 5, Numpad 6 Shot: Numpad 7 Melee: Numpad 9 Hyper: Numpad + Speed Boost: Numpad 1 Wing Color: Numpad 2 Indicator: Numpad 3 -Player 4*- Move/Angle: Equals, LeftBracket, RightBracket, BackSlash Shot: Insert Melee: Home Hyper: PgUp Speed Boost: Delete Wing Color: End Indicator: PgDn ===================================================== *It is recommended to use the gamepad controllers using JoyToKey to make local multiplayer comfortable to play. Download JoyToKey = http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey%20English%20Version.htm ===================================================== Parameters HP. When HP reaches less or equal to 0, your fairy faints and unable to control. It will respawn and regain control again after several seconds. Hyper. Hyper percentage increases quicker when your fairy don't attack and using buildings to knockout enemies. At 100%, press the Hyper button to unleash the fairy's power. Lv. The higher the Lv, the stronger the fairy's attack. ===================================================== Credits Glenn Pham: character, buildings, effects, and coding John Pham: character, buildings art Kristi Loo: character and enemy art Travis Tran: background and buildings Laurence Simmonds: title music Stage and Boss music are from the visual novel of Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Clashing Code

Everyone clash as their path crosses each other. 2 to 8 players or AIs. Maximum of 2 teams. Press the Space during the title or character selection to see the controls. The game plays somewhat like Super Smash Bros. where there are the basic attacks and a button that does special attacks. There is also motion input special moves. Motion input list: Neutral Special: ↓, ↓→, →+Attack A Upward Special: →, ↓. ↓→+Attack A Forward Special: ↓, ↓→, →+Attack B Downward Special: →, ↓. ↓→+Attack B Hyper Special: ↓, ↓→, →+Attack C (with Max SP Guage/Purple Bar) Counter: After guarding a hit with Defense, →+Attack A or →+Attack B or Attack C Dodge: Hold Defense and press ← or → Shortcut input list: Neutral Special: Special Upward Special: ↑+Special Forward Special: →+Special Downward Special: ↓+Special Hyper Special: Special (with Max SP Guage/Purple Bar) Next implementation: > Character balance (if we receive any feedback) > New characters (depends on the designer) > Story mode Please send any feedback or comments to: [email protected]