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World of Dads

This is the game I'm working on for John's flash game development class. It's a satirical platformer about game development. I've only got like one good joke in it right now but I'm still working on it.

In cutscenes: Use your mouse to click things, or Space to advance
In game:
to move your character around

Made for The Platformer Challenge


Hey everyone. The game my partner and I made for the platformer challenge is Myxa. It's a simple 2D platformer complete with spikes, angry-browed enemies, lots of chasms, moving platforms, coins, and a dash of frustration. Control Myxa, a gelatinous, amorphous mass of cuteness and save your blobby slime-mold companion from eternal solitude! See if you can get the highest score by jumping on all the enemies and by collecting all the coins. Movement is very simple:

Press to move.

Press Space to jump.

Notes and Comments:
- Created with GameMaker 8.1 (Lite), Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop (sprites, background, etc.)
- My partner and I have not used GameMaker since high school and middle school, respectively
- Learned a lot through making this game; thanks for reading/playing!

Made for The Platformer Challenge

Learning Unity - 2D Platformer

I'm a total noob learning Unity. I basically took their 2D platformer tutorial and messed around with the backgrounds, so I didn't get to play with any scripts yet...
This is a useful exercise because all the things are wrong teach you how to do it right next time ;)

- Here is the web version

i am a beginner so:
The graphics are inefficiently processed--i think they are ridiculously large, so it wouldn't run that well on a mobile phone, and ther eare at least 64 draw calls.

It is taken from the unity 2D tutorial

Made for The Platformer Challenge

Kelsey Higham
Feb 29, 2012

If you want to submit a game for the challenge,

Make sure your team (or yourself) is listed HERE by 6pm tonight!

That's the deadline. If you try to list your team after that, you will literally die.

Edit: The dying thing has since been disproven.

Kelsey Higham
Feb 25, 2012

Dave & Buster's Trip!

On March 22nd, instead of having a regular meeting, we will be going on a field trip to Dave & Buster's.

Read the event page for details!

Kelsey Higham
Feb 24, 2012

Now you can embed YouTube videos on your game pages!

(Check it out in action on the award-winning demo game, MOVE RIGHT.)

Here are the instructions

If you're feeling adventurous, you can do a screen recording of your game, with CamStudio or QuickTime or something.

Once you have a video, upload it to YouTube. When you're adding or editing your game, there's a field you can paste a YouTube URL into.

This is all totally optional! Screen recording is hard and weird sometimes, so if it seems like too much trouble, don't worry about it.

Also: Multiple screenshots!

Also, you can upload multiple screenshots now! You only need one, but if there's more than one screen you REALLY want to show off, now you can. Again, check it out on MOVE RIGHT.

A fine tradition

The Game Development Club has a fine tradition of recording people as they present their games to the Club. You can see some examples by clicking on the screenshots here.

Hopefully, we will be able to revive this tradition in the near future, now that we have a good place for the videos to go.

Which brings me to my main point

Are any of you willing to record people as they present their games? Smartphones come with HD cameras nowadays, or you can rent a fancy camera from the Instructional Resources Center.

Kelsey Higham
Feb 23, 2012


Tonight was the GDC Info Night, mandatory for those intending to attend GDC!

If you DID come

Keep an extra-close eye on your email inboxes! We need to arrange carpools and other things, so there'll be a whole lot of last-minute planning flying around.

If you DID NOT come

If you didn't come to the meeting tonight, it's too late to sign up to go to GDC with us! You can still carpool with us, but you'll have to pay the full $75 fee at the door for entry. Sorry about that – we only have so much money to fund people with, and this is the method we chose to allocate it.

Kelsey Higham
Feb 23, 2012

Get ready to present your games!

Your games for the Platformer Challenge are due at the beginning of our next meeting: March 1st at 7:15pm.

There are two things you should do by then!

  1. Upload your game to the website.
  2. Prepare an under-five-minute presentation of your game.

Here's what will happen at the meeting:

  1. Developers will spend up to five minutes each showing off their games.
  2. Then, players will spend like forty minutes playing the new games, on the computers built-in to Art 241.
  3. Once you've played each game, you will cast your vote for which you think is the best!

I was lying

You don't actually have to prepare a presentation. You just have to avoid going over five minutes when you're talking up there. If you have a tendency to ramble, or forget what you have to say? Maybe make a notecard. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

We've had problems with people rambling for fifteen minutes, in the past, which is why I was asked to blog this note.

Kelsey Higham
Feb 18, 2012

If you didn't attend the meeting on Thursday,

Kristi has written a summary of the event, in her typically-thorough style, for your convenience!

Click "feb 16: work meeting!", under Recent Events. →

Kelsey Higham
Feb 16, 2012

Are you in a group for the challenge?

If so:

  1. Wait until Kristi sends out an email asking for people to report what group they're a part of,
  2. and reply to it!

If not:

  1. Reply to the same email, with the message "I'm not in a group! Does anyone want to team up with me?"
Kelsey Higham
Feb 16, 2012

GDC Info Night

If you want to attend GDC, and be funded by the school, you simply must (it's mandatory!) attend the Info Night. It's at 8pm, right after the February 23rd meeting.

Kelsey Higham
Feb 12, 2012

A GDC trip, the Platformer Challenge, and an Arcade Cabinet!

That much and more was covered in the last meeting! Read all about it in Kristi's thorough summary.

Our next meeting will be a regular work meeting, so bring your working pants and a desire to learn.

Kelsey Higham
Feb 2, 2012

The first Game Dev Club meeting of the semester is this Thursday, February 9th, at 7:15pm!

(Edit: The meeting will actually start at 7:15pm, not 7pm.)

It will take place in the Art building, room 241.

I don't actually know what we're going to do yet but IT'S THE FIRST MEETING, ARENT YOU EXCITED?

As usual, everyone is welcome! It doesn't matter whether you're a master gamesmith, or whether you've never touched a controller in your life.

(Nor whether you've touched a WASD.)

Kelsey Higham
Jan 8, 2012

Now you can preview a game before submitting it!

This should help a lot with that keyboard stuff. I'm sorry it took so long.

Misfit Ninja

This was a project for the Fall 2011 Art104 Game Studies Course taught by James Morgan. Made with Game Maker 8 Pro, this project took an estimated 80 hours over a one month period to finish. There is no plot, and the game design was inspired by the frustratingly awesome Super Meat Boy.

Navigate the levels trying to achieve the fastest time possible, and collect cherry blossoms for an added challenge. Each level has an optimal route which will cut down completion times by half, try to find them!

Along with the game exe, you will find an Xpadder profile for a Xbox360 controller with the optimal layout for the game, to switch on Xbox360 controller button displays go into the game options.

Keyboard Controls:
(Xbox controls are explained in game options)

Jump/Select: Spacebar
Sprint: e
Replay Level: r
Back to Map: b
Main Menu: Esc

Made for Miscellaneous

Kelsey Higham
Dec 19, 2011

Little keyboard keys!

Now you can put little button things on your game pages!

Check it out: WHOA.


When you're posting a game, there's code you can copy and paste. That said, read on if you want to do anything sophisticated.

Beginner: Buttons

To make a regular button, just wrap a letter or phrase in keyboard tags, like so:

Press Shift to jump.

Press <kbd>Shift</kbd> to jump.

Advanced: Invisible buttons

Let's say you're using arrow keys:

to move.

<kbd>←</kbd><kbd>↓</kbd><kbd>→</kbd> to move.

That won't do. Shift the top button over by adding an invisible button before it.

to move.

<kbd class=invisible> </kbd><kbd>↑</kbd>
<kbd>←</kbd><kbd>↓</kbd><kbd>→</kbd> to move.

(Tip: If you get confused, click and hold on an invisible button to make it temporarily visible: right→←there.)

Double advanced: Boxed buttons

Let's say you want to include arrow keys in the middle of a sentence:

to move.

Press <kbd class=invisible> </kbd><kbd>↑</kbd>
<kbd>←</kbd><kbd>↓</kbd><kbd>→</kbd> to move.

That won't do. Keep the buttons all on one line by putting them in a box.

to move.

Press <kbd class=box><kbd class=invisible> </kbd><kbd>↑</kbd>
<kbd>←</kbd><kbd>↓</kbd><kbd>→</kbd></kbd> to move.

So, to recap:

  1. <kbd></kbd>
  2. <kbd class=invisible></kbd>
  3. <kbd class=box></kbd>

You can see them in action in the two example games, MOVE RIGHT and Kill the Bunnies.

Don't worry, you don't have to memorize this stuff; when you're posting a game, there's some code you can copy and paste.

Town Defender

Created as a final project for the Art 104 Game Studies Class (Fall 2011). Currently in Beta version.

Arrow Keys to move, Z to attack.

The Plague has spread throughout the lands, corrupting all that it comes in contact with. You are the village's last hope!
Defend them from the onslaught of incoming monsters! Once the Town Crystal is destroyed, it's game over.

The player can automatically respawn after death. They must defend the town as long as they can before the crystal is destroyed.
Monsters slowly grow stronger after each wave.
To Fix:
-Monsters grow stronger as Wave Level increases. Player currently has no way of getting stronger or to heal.
-Score does not reset when the game restarts.

Possible Future Planned Content:
-Health Regen (Sprites created, but not sure how to implement)
-Powerups that grant new ways to attack (Sprites created, but not sure how to implement)
-More monster types
- Villagers rebuild their walls/buildings after being damaged (only when that wall or building is not being attacked)
- Resource collecting? (Collect wood and stone and give to the villagers so they can upgrade their walls/homes?)
- BGMs? (some kind of rockin' battle music)

Made for Miscellaneous


What if Asteroids had a leveling system? This was made for the Fall 11 Games Studies class.

Made for The Leveling Challenge

Shaken to the Core

The first of two games that I made for Game Studies. It's a platformer, move from left to right, just play it (controls are explained in-game).

Made for Miscellaneous

Kelsey Higham
Dec 8, 2011

Leveling Challenge Winners!

Scratch that actually two games leave.

Both teams win! Both teams get prizes! I don't fully understand either! Hooray!

We will not be taking questions; this press conference is over.

Have fun on your finals!

Kelsey Higham
Dec 7, 2011

Leveling Challenge Voting

Two games enter. One games leave.

There were two submissions to the Leveling Challenge, and the creator(s) of one of them will win ~fabulous prizes~. And you get to decide which/who!

Play both games:

Planes of Steel


Vote whichever way is most convenient for you:

  1. Comment on the Facebook post.
  2. Reply to the Google Group post.
  3. Mail your vote anonymously to [email protected].

To vote for Planes of Steel, say "I vote for Planes of Steel!"

To vote for Existens, say "I vote for Existens!"

Now play them and vote!


You are a wisp that has the power to dash, ram, and shoot. The aggressive make their way to higher planes of existence in order to prove their worth and claim the ultimate title of "The Highest." Many threats will await you in your journey, and how you traverse through these realms determines whether or not you reach that title.

This is only a prototype and may or may not be improved in the near future, hopefully the former.


to move
Z to dash
X to ram
C to shoot left
V to shoot right

Made for The Leveling Challenge

Planes of Steel

If you've ever had something just not work, this game is for you!
In Planes of Steel (aka POS), you pilot a plane that doesn't quite work, navigating it through endless fields of flying blocks, bullets, and cherries, all while your plane's on fire!

Additionally, there's a simple leveling (or rather de-leveling) system implemented: Once on fire (i.e you go below level 10) your plane begins to slowly lose health, and also to slowly delevel. (In this case, the level could indicate the strength of your plane, or how many pieces are still attached).
Once you go below level 8, bombs are disabled, and it just gets worse from there.
To level up, and also to gain lost health, you must ram into floating wrenches, which are often clustered or inside blocks.
Lastly, there's a reward for leveling up past level 12: You get a top hat!

Up/Down to move plane
Space to shoot
B to bomb.

Source code to be posted at neilbickford.com/POS/POSv05.gm81

"The plane slowly falls down due to mysterious reasons. We call it 'Gravity' "

Made for The Leveling Challenge

Squirrel Catcher

[still a very rough draft, needs a lot of polish]

Created in the Art 104 Game Studies Class during Fall 2011.

Catch the Squirrels! Run up to them and they'll get caught!

Arrow Keys = Movement
Space Bar = next page in NPC dialogue (not implemented yet)

Game does not actually advocate the catching of squirrels in real life.
Possible Future Updates: (If a programmer would like to help me implement the features, I'd really appreciate it!)

> Fix dialogue positioning
> Squirrels should flee from player when player is at certain distance; also should run in random directions instead of just up and down
>Regenerating squirrels?
Programs used: Game Maker 8.0 Lite, Microsoft Paint (Sprites)
>Music? (Something happy-ish?)
>Timer to see who can catch the most squirrels?
-implement a run feature (and stamina too? -recoverable stamina: run too much and you get tired, walk to recover)
>Other familiar areas to explore?

Made for Miscellaneous

Kelsey Higham
Nov 18, 2011

If you didn't attend the meeting today,

Read the absolutely outstanding summary written by the absolutely outstanding Kristi.

(I added a teeny bit of formatting on top of the original's.)

Nov 13, 2011

The Leveling Challenge!

Don't forget that the leveling challenge has already begun! The theme for this game challenge is, as you may have guessed, leveling. This can mean whatever you want it to mean as long as you are prepared to defend the meaning. You could have a game with a character that gains levels, or build a structure with multiple levels, or simply progress from one level to another.

The official challenge page is up right now so don't forget to submit your works-in-progress so we can see how your game is shaping up!

The deadline for the challenge is Dec. 1st and we will be looking at any prototypes that are ready at this Thursday's meeting.

Get crackin'!

Kelsey Higham
Nov 13, 2011

The Digital Game Museum is having a fundraising tournament!

It's at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, on the 19th, from 3pm to 10pm. Here's more details at Eventbrite.

Nov 7, 2011

Source Engine Workshop!

Hallo! The Game Dev Club is hosting a workshop on the Source Software Development Kit (SDK) this Tuesday, November 8th. It will take place in the Art Building in room 241 and is expected to run from 7:00-10:00pm. This workshop is intended to give an overview of how to work with the tools provided (for free) by the Source SDK and how you can use these tools to get started on making your own game levels and mods. We will try to make it informative for both artists and programmers, but it is also open to anyone with an interest in making games.

A more robust explanation of the event and the software you'll need is over yonder in our "Upcoming" sidebar ------------->

Oh, and don't forget to bring a computer! (We've got a number of desktops in the room, but there probably won't be enough for everyone.)

Kelsey Higham
Nov 6, 2011

Check it out, new digs!

The beta website is now the main website!

If you have suggestions or ideas, I set up a Google Moderator page, where you can suggest things and vote on them, anonymously or nonymously. Go vote on what you think I should fix first!

Pong Elements

Player 1 controls: up = w, down = s
Player 2 controls: up = upArrow, down = downArrow

Red Ball (Fire)
- Faster ball
- Will reverse the paddle control on hit

Blue Ball (Ice)
- Slower ball
- Slower Paddle on hit

Green Ball (Grass)
- Make extra ball
- Stuns paddle on hit

Yellow Ball (Electric)
- Ball will disappear for a second
- Paddle will speed up on hit

If you have some feedback, feel free to email me at: [email protected]

Made for The Pong Challenge, Fall 2011 Edition


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