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Oct 26, 2012


The SHMUP Challenge, sadly, has concluded! A new challenge has taken its place: The Cabinet Challenge!

But first: VOTE for one of the three games presented tonight!

Mystik Cavalry

The Last Seed

Prismic Shift (trial)

Play them all and vote which game you think should be declared the winner of this challenge!
Shoot an email to: [[email protected]] with your vote! You cannot vote for a game you help make, unfortunately. Try to send in your votes before Sunday, October 28th!

Winners will be announced on the next meeting on November First!

In other news: the next meeting will be a Day of the Dead/Halloween Game Night! Games featured will be Nightmare House, a Half Life 2 horror mod, and Slender: The Eight Pages!

On November 3, SJSU King Library will be holding a Games Day event on the 2nd floor! More info on that event can be seen on the event link here. Clicking on the RSVP button will take you to the Facebook page for the event!

Mystik Cavalry

The Goddess has promise salvation.
The Apocalypse has been summoned.
The Cavalry Heroes refuses to let their world end.

Submitted for the SHMUP Challenge 2012 and continued for the Cabinet Challenge 2012.


Player 1:
Move = W

Attack = F
Special = G
Hyper = H
Defense = C

Player 2:
Move =

Attack = K
Special = L
Hyper = ;
Defense = ,

To play as players 3 and 4, it is highly recommended to use controllers and use a program like joy2key.

Player 3:
Move = num8

Attack = num7
Special = num9
Hyper = num+
Defense = num1

Player 4:
Move = =

Attack = insert
Special = home
Hyper = page up
Defense = delete

Made for SHMUP Challenge Fall 2012

The Last Seed

The world is in danger of the endless Darkness. You are to protect the hope of the world: the last Seed of Light.

Made for SHMUP Challenge Fall 2012

Prismic Shift ver 0.25

Welcome to the world of shape. Your mission is to destroy shapes.
Use your guns and yourself to destroy as much as you can.

Version 0.25 adds a 2 minute variation to go along with the 5 minute time attack mode. The full version will include a crapton of missions (instead of the stage progression that I originally intended), hopefully less crappy graphics, more pattern variations, some additional game modes (including the time attack mode you'll see here), and, should my programming knowledge expand, online leaderboards or any other form of internet ranking. Alongside that, I'll expand upon the interface to make sure it looks as arcade-like as possible.

for movement
Z to fire your gun when you have ammo
X to pivot your gun's firing direction
C to self-destruct


Prismic Shift v0.25
- Made the attract screen more pretty
- Added a 2 minute mode
- Added co-op multiplayer support
- More sound effects and music

Prismic Shift v0.10
- Added BGM
- Added a proper attract screen
- Added extensive high score support
- Multi destruction bonuses go up to 5120x instead of the previous 1280x.

Prismic Shift Trial
- Initial release

Made for SHMUP Challenge Fall 2012

Oct 23, 2012

Shmup Challenge (1)

Hey all!

There is now a folder for the Shmup challenge in the Games section, which is due this Thursday!

If you want to submit it early, feel free to!

Oct 17, 2012


TOMORROW: Instead of our regularly scheduled meeting, we will be having a LAN Party/Game Night! So kick back and forget about your game challenge, due next meeting, just for tonight. ;)

Just bring yourself and, if you want, a laptop or a desktop, but the Macs in the room should have LAN Party-ish games on it already, like TF2 or Realm of the Mad God.

We will also have an Xbox with Kinect and a PS3 with Persona 4: Arena.

Also, it would definitely be helpful if people bring extra ethernet cables and extension cords, just in case.

See you all tomorrow!

P.S.: We have club shirts for sale for EIGHT DOLLARS! What a deal! Sadly, we do not have any more smalls and mediums.

Oct 1, 2012


Come watch INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE on October 11th at 7:30 PM 8:00PM in Room 241! The time has been pushed back half an hour later because Anna Antropy will be giving a talk somewhere in San Jose earlier that day.

Here's a trailer if you are interested:

ALSO DON'T FORGET: This Thursday's meeting is where the teams will show off their progress for the game challenge. Remember, the games are due on October 25th.

Additionally, October 18th is a LAN Party/Game Night.


The highest score you can get is 1 million points. Can you get it?

to move
Z to fire your shot when tapping, fire your power shot when holding (slows down your ship)
X to release a bomb
C to auto-fire your shot

Made for Miscellaneous


A sort of boss rush game I made in the middle of high school with an ol' version of Game Maker (GM7, IIRC). Music is absent, and the sound effects are rather crude, but this was one of my first efforts of making a shmup back in the day.

Controls are as follows:

to move around
Z to fire your ship
X to slow down your ship
C to release a bomb

The scoring system may take some explaining, seeing that it's a bit complex how scoring works in this game.

Each turret is worth the amount of base points below your current score. You raise this by collecting coins that are released by the turrets when their health is critical (as indicated by a flashing red turret). After a while in critical condition, the turret will self-destruct, granting you the amount of points indicated below your current score.

Coins are attracted to you when you're not shooting and fall freely when you are.

You can shoot at a turret again while it's at its critical state to reset its self-destruct timer. This is helpful in milking turrets; however, keep in mind that each stage is timed, so it's best to be reasonable when milking the turrets. Also, the longer you stall time, the more powerful the turrets' attacks become, so proceed with caution (and get bonus multipliers as well for it, too).

Raising the base value of coins requires that you collect all of the coins on the screen before letting another coin appear. The next coin that appears when all the coins are collected will have a base value raised by 10, up to 150 per coin. You can easily do this by getting dangerously close to one critical turret and raising the value like that.

You also have bombs at your disposal as well. You gain 2 bombs per level you reach and 2 bombs per death. Bombing clears all bullets AND 150pt. coins on the screen, in which said bullets and coins are converted into light blue bonus medals that are automatically attracted to your ship. Said medals grant you your base shot value, which means that every bullet that hits an enemy will grant you that many points. If you get more of these after you max out at 10,000, the value goes towards the turret's base points. Using bombs is essential for getting a really high score.

Made for Miscellaneous

Sep 22, 2012


The first ever game challenge of Fall 2012 has begun!

It is a SHMUP challenge!

If you don't know what a SHMUP is, it basically means a shoot 'em up game, like Asteroids or Call of Duty.

Teams have already been selected and if you still want to be on a team, message Mr. President, Patrick (at [email protected]), and he will try to throw you into a team!

Sep 19, 2012

YARRR! A lil' heads up! (1)


Pardon the pirate speak as today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, but TOMORROW is sadly not a holiday. It is a Thursday, but not just any other Thursday: it's ANOTHER GAME DEV MEETING!

But it's not just your average Game Dev Meeting...


If you are new to the club, it is when we are issued a theme, members assemble a team (or can go at it solo), and create a game based on that theme! It is a great way to meet new friends, create a network, familiarize with old friends, put something awesome in your resume, and/or get experience in game developing!

If you were looking forward to paper prototyping this week, DO NOT WORRY! It will happen at next week's meeting on September 27th--same Bat-time, same Bat-channel (7:15 PM, Room 241).

P.S.: Just in case you missed last week's Game Maker Tutorial, we will have a video uploaded as soon as possible!

Kelsey Higham
Sep 13, 2012

Game Maker tutorials (1)

Mark Overmars, creator of Game Maker, has created a bunch of tutorials for it.

If you have version 8, you can get them from the main website: Game Maker 8 Tutorials

If you have version 7, you can get them from its wiki: Game Maker 7 Tutorials

(Remember, if you have the Mac version, you have version 7. I know, it's weird.)

Today, I covered some of the stuff in the "Your First Game" tutorial, and Allen covered some of the stuff in the "First Person Shooter" tutorial.

If you're making a platformer, I highly recommend the "Platform Game" tutorial.

So if you missed the meeting today, or you want to supplement what you saw, check those out! Everything I taught today, I learned from those tutorials.

Fairy Impact

A SHMUP game created since 2010 and revised during James Morgan's Art 104 Fall 2011. The game is not complete and it is still ongoing passively.

Made for Miscellaneous

Kelsey Higham
Sep 8, 2012

a place to download game maker 7

Game Maker is one of the best tools available for non-programmers to make videogames. But boy, is it hard to download.


Download Game Maker 7 Free for Windows from sjsugamedev.com, or Game Maker 7 Free for Mac from YoYo Games.


If you're downloading Game Maker on OS X, you only have two options: Game Maker 7 for Mac Free and Game Maker 7 for Mac Pro.


Games made with Game Maker 7 for Mac Free will run on OS X, and can be ported to Windows. If you have Game Maker 7 Free or Pro for Windows, all you have to do is open up the .gmk and create a new executable (under File > Create Executable…).


If you make a game with Game Maker 7 for Mac Pro, which costs $20, you can open it again in Game Maker 7 (or greater) Pro for Windows. Game Maker 7 (or greater) Free for Windows won't open it. The paid versions of Game Maker: Studio™ might open it, I'm not sure.

If you buy Game Maker 7 Pro for Mac, you do not automatically own a license to Game Maker 7 (or whatever) Pro for Windows. You have to buy a separate license for Game Maker 8 Pro for Windows, or find someone with a working Game Maker 7 Pro for Windows license.


If you're downloading Game Maker on Windows, things get a whole lot more confusing.

Game Maker 7 Free

This can no longer be downloaded from YoYo Games, but you can download Game Maker 7 Free at AfterDawn, a site I've never heard of but Patrick found on Google. AVG didn't find a virus in it, so maybe it's safe. In case AfterDawn goes down or stops hosting it, I've mirrored Game Maker 7 Free for Windows on this site.

Game Maker 7 Pro

You can't buy this any more, but if you already have a license key, you can enter it into Game Maker 7 to unlock Pro features. If you create a game with this, you'll have to buy a license to Game Maker 7 Pro for Mac to port it to OS X.

Game Maker 8.0 Free

This version of Game Maker doesn't put a watermark on your games.

If you create a game in Game Maker 8 or greater, you can't open it in Game Maker 7 for Mac, so you'll have to wait until Game Maker 9's release if you want to port it to OS X. And at that point, it probably will put a watermark on your game.

YoYo Games no longer hosts it, but you can download Game Maker 8 Free at Auntie Pixelante, Anna Anthropy's site, at the bottom of the second paragraph. This post is a tribute to her post.

Game Maker 8.1 Free

This version does put a watermark on your games. Download it here.

Game Maker 8.1 Pro

This version doesn't put a watermark on your games. You can buy it for $40. If you want to port a game made with it to OS X, you'll have to wait a year or so and pay another $40 for Game Maker 9 Pro for Mac, when it's released.

Game Maker: Studio™

It only runs on Windows and there's a billion versions.

The free version has weird limitations, which no other version of Game Maker has. At least it doesn't put a watermark on your games.

You can port a game to OS X, but you can't use one machine with Boot Camp — you actually need two physically separate computers, and a Wi-Fi connection between them.

So which one should you download?


Get Game Maker 7 Free for Mac. You can port your games to Windows by opening the .gmk file in a Windows version of Game Maker.


Decide what's important to you:

Water­mark? Cost Mac port Down­load Weird limits?
Game Maker 7 Free no FREE FREE: open the .gmk in Game Maker 7 Free (or Pro) for Mac AfterDawn or sjsugamedev.com minor ones
Game Maker 7 Pro no no longer available buy Game Maker 7 Pro for Mac for $20 unavailable none
Game Maker 8.0 Free no FREE buy Game Maker 9 Pro for Mac in 2013 for like $40 Auntie Pixelante minor ones
Game Maker 8.1 Free yes FREE buy Game Maker 9 Pro for Mac in 2013 for like $40 YoYo Games (official site) minor ones
Game Maker 8.1 Pro no $40 buy Game Maker 9 Pro for Mac in 2013 for like $40 YoYo Games (official site) none
Game Maker: Studio™ no FREE or $50 or $100 or $500 FREE: create a Wi-Fi connection between two computers, a Windows box and a Mac YoYo Games (official site) significant ones: details

Personally, I recommend that you download Game Maker 7 Free from sjsugamedev.com.

Aug 31, 2012

Last Night's Meeting Summary

Morning, fellow game devs!

If you missed out on our spectacular first meeting last night, don't fret! Just keep on reading to catch up on what information you missed.

The first game challenge of the semester hasn't been announced yet, but we have a bunch of events lined up such as a Game Maker Tutorial and a Paper Prototype Tutorial. Click on the links or check out the Events page to see when they'll happen!

Our next meeting, we will play board games and either meet new friends or get to know each other a little better!

If you are interested in talking about the experience of making a game for the Games Initiative, talk to James or Patrick for more info!

We are still in the process of booking a room to watch Indie Game: The Movie on October 11th so stay tuned!

See you all next week!

Aug 20, 2012

Volunteers for the Organization Fair!

Ready to start the semester, everyone?!

We have a ton of events planned this semester, but first things first: the Organization Fair!

It is next Wednesday, August 29th, between 11 am to 3pm!

We need some volunteers to help either set up the tables, man the tables, and clean up afterwards (maybe?!). Come and help recruit freshmen or new SJSU students who are interested in developing games!

If you're free between 1pm to 3pm and want to volunteer, post in the Google Group or on the Facebook group! If you don't have the time to volunteer, you can just stop by and show your support (more details on where to come)!

States of Mind

This is a text-based game that I made for Art 175. You play as a college student who uses the internet to get into different states of mind, which change your way of perceiving and reacting to the world.

Made for Miscellaneous

Apocalypse Snow


This game was originally created for Ludum Dare's Mini-LD 10, which had the theme "domestic violence".

I have no experience with domestic violence, so it’s more about that one time I was in a bad mood.

Play until the end!

The key is a convenient way of picking up crates.
The keys are a convenient means to move left and right.
The key is a convenient way of ensuring that your work doesn't go to waste.

Made for Miscellaneous


My very first video game from Art 104: Game Studies 2012! Made with Game Maker 08.

Collect staplers to kill your co-workers and go after your boss! Then once you gain his CEO powers, defend your newly acquired office building from stinky, pot-smoking hippies! Watch out for Anonymous!




Shoot: Space

Coffee cups: lives

Made for Miscellaneous

The Photo Game
Untitled Tower Defense
Kelsey Higham
Jun 21, 2012

You can upload your older games now!

It's relatively recent that the website allows you to upload your games, so most games made prior to September 2011 can't actually be played, because they're trapped on your computers.

But now I've added folders for all the old challenges. So: You should upload them! (You'll need to register or log in first.)

Don't worry if your game is a work in progress; if it's more advanced than MOVE RIGHT, it totally belongs.

Here are the new (old) challenges you can upload games to:
The Pong Challenge, Fall 2008 Edition
The 8-Bit Challenge
The Shmup Challenge
The Tower Defense Challenge
The Collaborative Game Challenge
The Facebook Game Challenge
The Asynchronous Collaboration Game Challenge
The Budget Crisis Challenge
The Photos Challenge
The Genres Challenge
The 3D Game Challenge

A.I. Ghost
Jun 21, 2012

Indie Game: The Movie!!

"Fall semester may be months away but here's a sneak peak of an upcoming event for the club!"

*Puts stolen photo of Indie Game: The Movie poster*

Stay tuned for more details~~ ;P

-signed Ex-Pokemon Master with Love

Kelsey Higham
May 17, 2012

Battle Fruit II is the winner of the Sequels to Non-Existent Games Challenge

Congratulations to Gavin Higham, John Pham, Donmelson Varsovia, and Mukul Panchal!

May 13, 2012

Say welcome to the new board officers! (1)

President: Patrick Khachi
VP: Gavin
Treasurer: Michael Wu
Secretary: Kristi Loo
Webmaster: Gizelle
Webmistress: Kelsey
Graphic Designer (2x): John Pham, Glenn Pham
Videographer: Daniel Wilson

Congratulations to the new board officers!!!
Additionally, we are still looking for an Event Coordinator and a Photographer. If you want any of these positions, please email [email protected].

May 11, 2012


The games for the current game challenge, Bad Sequels to Non-Existent Game, have been uploaded and are ready to be voted on!

- Gordius 2
- Lovely Shark Translate II (Demo Version)
- Battle Fruit II
- Lovely Shark Translate -1
- Dungeon Smasher Mini Edition

Voting ends on Monday, May 14th, and results will be announced on the 15th. We are not sure if there will be prizes, but winners will be contacted before the end of the semester regarding prizes.

Dungeon Smasher Mini Edition

This is a demo of the old Dungeon Smasher game. I'll find the full game and upload it here as soon as I can.

From what I see, your goal is to complete objectives to reach the next floor. In the demo, they don't give any clues. Die and start over again.
(game is incomplete, I'll finish it when I can)
Arrow keys to move
Z to roll
X to attack
Typical disclaimer: this game doesn't reflect final product

Made for Sequels to Non-Existent Games

Lovely Shark Translate -1

A game that is a sequel and a prequel of non-existing games.

Made for Sequels to Non-Existent Games

Battle Fruit II

The idea for the title was Battlefruit 2: Attack of the Mechafruit. The concept is that all the enemies are mechafruit, fruit who have been infected with technology.

Made for Sequels to Non-Existent Games


Random Games

⚅ GOTW ⚅

This Month's Games