Ultra RTS

Ultra RTS is a strategic military simulation game that puts you in command of your armed forces on a battlefield. Kill all your enemies and capture all the bases and you will command your army to a decisive victory! Spread out too much and weaken your defenses, give too much ground, and you and your armies will be destroyed. History will be decided by your strategic brilliance - or incompetence. Will your armies survive or be obliterated into the ash heap of history? Download now at https://gamejolt.com/games/UltraOptimizedRTS/262170!

I created this simple fun little strategic military simulation using some advanced optimizations I learned in my CS 134 Game Engines class.

Optimizations include:

Grid-based and bucket optimizations for collision detection, enemy detection, base capture detection, nearest instance finding.

Slowing the update rate for the AI such that each frame of the simulation only one AI unit's "thinking" code is being executed at a time. The result of this is the simulation can have many more AI units simultaneously without any noticeable drop in simulation performance. (I've had up to 400 units in the screen simultaneously and it was still running at 80 fps)

Grid based drawing optimizations - only objects in grid coordinates that are on-screen are drawn.

Arthur Baney - Creator

Special thanks to Jared Finder - My CS 134 professor who taught me a lot of the cool programming optimizations I used in this game.

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