Fight Knight - A night to fight

A 1 vs 1 Fighter/Brawler with robust combat. Both knights duke it out toe-to-toe, dueling with slashes, blocks, and parries. Created from the dream of a 2-player PunchOut. Made in GameMaker Studio. Currently PC only.

Menu Controls

and Space

Combat Controls

Arthur Moua - User Interface
Carl Lee - Project Lead, Lead Programmer
Chaz Acheronti - Game Designer, Artist
Ryan Huculak - Game Designer, Music Composition
Steve Lee - Programmer

Nirav Patel - Programmer
Conner K Ward - Artist

Shield clanging sounds from Ogrebane

Round win music by jobromedia

Battle win music by matthew.pablo

Sword clanging sounds from Zylph

Sword slice sounds from Doogens

Stab sound by Me

Main Menu Theme - Clash of Kings by Tabletop Audio

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