Star Cafe (Demo)

A light-hearted dating sim that takes place in a cafe. Serve customers, make money, and choose from four girls to date.

This is currently a demo. It will be completed in this lifetime.

Dialogue Controls:
Ctrl - Fast forward skip
Space - Progress through dialogue without automatically picking a choice option.
Esc - Save Menu (you can also load your game here)

Rollback or rollforward past or already-read dialogue with the mouse wheel.

Cafe Serving Controls:
Everyday, there is a part where you play as a server. Depending on the dish you are serving, you can either hover or click on the items in the bottom right corner of the screen to view the description or serve them, or you could use these hotkeys to serve items instead which are all located on the left side of the keyboard. All keys aren't used but it's in the general area.


All dialogue controls will not be available during the cafe serving portion of the game including saving, except for toggling to fullscreen.

Future plans/additions:
-Exploring around town
-More dateable characters
-Rivals that complement each dateable character
-Redo backgrounds and more
-Inventory system/gifts
-More nondateable/nonrival characters
-Make money useful- pay bills, buy inventory, decorate cafe
-More scenes/dialogue/locations/recipes/music
-Revamp cafe gameplay
-Needs more snark

Reza Cuaresma:

Ivy Vu:
Character Design

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