Murphy's Diamond

You are a scientist on an expedition to uncover a mystical stone known as Murphy's Diamond from deep ocean shipwrecks. The Diamond is rumored to have the mysterious power to cause everything that can go wrong to go wrong - bad weather to appear, items of importance to disappear, engines to fail and ships to sink. You know you are getting closer to finding the diamond as more things go wrong throughout your journey. The only person unaffected by the diamond's powers is whomever it's previous owner was, whom you know not, though whoever he is, he is probably dead... at least... that's what you assume...

NOTE: This is a short excerpt of the game play, the game itself in in the alpha stage of development. We hope you enjoy the demo!





Exit Game


Lead Programmer
Arthur Baney

Assistant Programmer
Will Pham

Environment Artist
Tamara Chang

Character Artist
Pauline Pham

Cover Artist
Henry Chau

Level Design
Rafael Fernandez

Game Design
Ricky Oliver

Interface Design
Melvin McElrath

Patrick Christensen

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