Kingdom Overture

There once was an alliance of five nations: Mystican, Diamondan, Naiadian, Maiden, and Valencia. One day, the Swords of Catastrophe fell from the sky. The wielders of these swords would be given great power, but at a price. The evil kingdom, Dorcha (purple), wanted the powers of these swords for themselves. In order to get the swords they declared war against the alliance because while some of the swords landed on their soil some of the swords landed on the alliance’s soil as well. The only way to get those swords would be to start a war and grab the swords when they had the chance. Now the question is, can you stop them?

Glenn Pham:
Developer, Animator
John Pham:
Designer, Code Doctor, Character Artist
Kristi Loo:
Character Artist
Travis Tran:
Background Artist
Daniel Wilson:
Christopher Lindsay:
Music Underconstruction

Current music is stock from Phoenix Wright

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