Simon Que on DuinoCube


Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 7:15pm


Art building, room 241
San José State University

The Plan

Come check out Simon Que's presentation on DuinoCube

DuinoCube is an Arduino-based video game console. It is similar in capabilities to classic game consoles like SNES:

  • 320x240 video mode, 18-bit color VGA output
  • Four tiled background layers
  • 256 independent sprites
  • Dual-channel audio output
  • SD card and USB support
  • more features to come

Development is done using the popular Arduino sketch editor. All the Arduino library code will be open source.

Duinocube is currently in the advanced stages of development. This is a chance for the Game Dev Club to be an early adopter and propel the project forward.

What Actually Happened

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