Operation Flytrap

Made for the SJSU Game Development Club, Spring 2009 (tied 2nd place!)
Development time: 40 - 80 hours

Select a map and difficulty level at the main menu
In the minimap, red = spawnpoints, gray = checkpoints, black = creep destinations
The difficulty setting only affects the creep HP

Build towers, trees, and checkpoints to route and attack the enemy planes before they reach their destination
Creeps pass through all checkpoints, then the destination (which has a blue door)
Creeps can fly over towers, but not trees
Checkpoints won't be destroyed, but you lose lives if the destination is bombed
Checkpoints can only be added and removed between creep waves
Checkpoints are free but limited
You can't build on the water

Right-click to remove towers, trees, and checkpoints
Most money is returned for towers, but no money is returned for removing trees

Dr_D: checkpoint and tower GFX, and coming up with the second best game title ever: "Operation Inundation"... "Flytrap" was more pronouncable
Ari Feldman: font, airplane, explosion, and bomb GFX that I found online
Kristopher Windsor: gameplay, programming, level design, SFX (made with SFXR), and other GFX
Music from modarchive.org

v1.0 May 2009 New GFX, Tree-hop bug fixed, 5 more levels, main-menu scrolling added

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