Dorcha Banphrionsa

Sarahen and Devilan, princesses of the Dark Kingdom of Tenumbrus, were
kept isolated in their castle, away from the rest of the world's light. Tired of being confined to their rooms,
the sisters escaped from the shadows and fled into the outside world.

Little that they knew, the outside world seemed to have something against them:
their kingdom is in the midst of war with the Light Kingdom's Mystik
Cavalries, and the dark monsters, fearing for their princesses'
safety, are trying to bring them back to the castle.

The tale of the Tenumbrus Princesses has just begun.

Player 1:

Up = W
Left = A
Down = S
Right = D

Light Attack = F
Hard Attack = G
Special Attack = H

Player 2:

Up =
Left =
Down =
Right =

Light Attack = K
Hard Attack = L
Special Attack = ;

Glenn Pham:
Developer, Animator
John Pham:
Designer, Code Doctor, Character Artist
Kristi Loo:
Enemy Character Artist
Travis Tran:
Background Artist

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