Mystik Cavalry

The Goddess has promise salvation.
The Apocalypse has been summoned.
The Cavalry Heroes refuses to let their world end.

Submitted for the SHMUP Challenge 2012 and continued for the Cabinet Challenge 2012.


Player 1:
Move = W

Attack = F
Special = G
Hyper = H
Defense = C

Player 2:
Move =

Attack = K
Special = L
Hyper = ;
Defense = ,

To play as players 3 and 4, it is highly recommended to use controllers and use a program like joy2key.

Player 3:
Move = num8

Attack = num7
Special = num9
Hyper = num+
Defense = num1

Player 4:
Move = =

Attack = insert
Special = home
Hyper = page up
Defense = delete

Glenn Pham:
Core Developer
John Pham:
Co-Developer, Designer
Kristi Loo:
Monster Artist
Melanie Joe:
Background Artist
Justin Cayabyab:
Eric Nunez:

Music from Mabinogi

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GJ Pham Brothers


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