Prismic Shift ver 0.25

Welcome to the world of shape. Your mission is to destroy shapes.
Use your guns and yourself to destroy as much as you can.

Version 0.25 adds a 2 minute variation to go along with the 5 minute time attack mode. The full version will include a crapton of missions (instead of the stage progression that I originally intended), hopefully less crappy graphics, more pattern variations, some additional game modes (including the time attack mode you'll see here), and, should my programming knowledge expand, online leaderboards or any other form of internet ranking. Alongside that, I'll expand upon the interface to make sure it looks as arcade-like as possible.

for movement
Z to fire your gun when you have ammo
X to pivot your gun's firing direction
C to self-destruct


Prismic Shift v0.25
- Made the attract screen more pretty
- Added a 2 minute mode
- Added co-op multiplayer support
- More sound effects and music

Prismic Shift v0.10
- Added BGM
- Added a proper attract screen
- Added extensive high score support
- Multi destruction bonuses go up to 5120x instead of the previous 1280x.

Prismic Shift Trial
- Initial release

Programming, graphics, sound effects, concept

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Version 0.25 has introduced a lot of new interesting and cool features in this game such as crapton of missions, additional cheapest writing services modes, and more pattern variations. Now there is only need of expanding interface.