Gordius 2

Gordius 2 is a game about many things:

and not getting your head bit off.

This is also a sequel to the original Gordius, the famous
game which wasn't made in 1973.

In reality, this game was made for the SJSU Game Development Club as an entry to the "Bad Sequels to Non-existent Games" challenge.
While this has been coded in C#, a fairly modern
programming language, it still keeps elements true to many old games- it runs in a console, doesn't use color except in certain places, has some cutscenes that are too long, and utilizes a programmer who both has a strange idea of what humor is as well as who can't figure out how to use libraries.
Backstory: see http:\\neilbickford.com\Gordius.htm (to be filled in)

Includes a somewhat cheating 'proof' that the variant of Sokoban used is not in NP!


Unfortunately, this game is Windows only, but it would probably work in Mono.

Neil Bickford:
Basically Everything

"See you Next Wednesday" from the Blues Brothers by John Landis
Gravestone from tonova.typepad.com
Asciified by Ascgen

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