VOTE for your new officers!!

Apr 27, 2012

If you haven't heard, the voting for the new officers for next year have started!!
Here are the current candidates for each position:

President: Patrick Khachi
VP: Gavin
Treasurer: Michael Wu
Secretary: Kristi Loo, Anders
Webmaster: Gizelle, Patrick Harris
Webmistress: Kelsey
Graphic Designer (2x): Kristi Loo, John Pham, Glenn Pham, Gizelle
Event Coordinator
Videographer: Daniel Wilson

Please note that you can vote for two people for the graphic design position and the Webmaster/mistress position (although they are different titles, they are essentially the same position. We were just having fun).

Please either vote on the Game Dev Google group or shoot an email to ([email protected])if you would like to send in an anonymous vote.
Additionally, it's not too late to nominate yourself for a position so shoot a message to [email protected] if you are still interested in running! But do it quickly!