May the Third Meeting


Thursday, May 3, 2012 -

7:15pm to 9:00pm


Art building, room 241
San José State University

The Plan

Voting for new officers ends today. The new officers will be announced! Aren't you excited??
The last game challenge of the semester ends today, too. Votes for the best game that did well on the challenge will be starting on this night.

What Actually Happened

The Burn Out Gallery has concluded. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success! Special thanks to Overlord Kristopher for supplying food and drinks as well.

The winners for the Random Phrase Challenge have been determined!
Winner: Harpies Tour Thunderingly
2nd: Zeppelin Jump Funnily
3rd: Panda Open Swimmingly
4rd: Swiftly Working Poland

RampDerps gets an honorable mention as well; it was very popular deAspite not being in the challenge.
Congrats, everyone!

The Board Members for next year have also been determined.

President: Patrick Khachi
VP: Gavin
Treasurer: Michael Wu
Secretary: Kristi Loo
Webmaster: Gizelle
Webmistress: Kelsey
Graphic Designer: John Pham, Glenn Pham
Videographer: Daniel Wilson
Pokemon Master: Cindy

We still need positions for Event Coordinator and Photographer. If anyone would like to apply for these positions, please reply to this thread.

Next week's meeting (5/10) will be the last meeting of the semester. Please don't show up the week after, since that's finals week and no one will be in the room.
The Sequels Games will be due then. Participating groups, please prepare a 5 min presentation. The Winner will also be decided the same day, so please show up to vote!
After that, we will move into Game Night and play "Realm of a Mad God", a free, downloadable multiplayer SHUMP game. We may also have an end of the year picture with the club!

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