Officer Job Descriptions

Kelsey Higham
Apr 11, 2012

If you're interested in becoming an officer, find out what they do!

Pokémon Master

You are the captain of this ship. You are the leader of this faction. You. Are. THE POKÉMON MASTER!! But srsly, you are the president of this club and your job is to make sure the club runs smoothly by delegating tasks, making the hard decisions, planning the challenges, and arranging the schedule for the year. This is hard work and requires a great deal of effort and time. You are required to attend every club meeting.

President (same position as Pokémon Master)

Serving as president is an all-encompassing job. You work with each of the other officers to make sure that everything that needs to be done for the club is being taken care of by the appropriate person.



The Vice president is In charge of helping the president by making sure everything moves along smoothly. It's a constant job of making sure everyone is performing their parts correctly and helping the president with whatever he or she needs whenever he or she needs. The Vice-President is also often the one who makes sure guest speakers are taken care of and helped with anything they need. It is also their responsibility to search for possible guest speakers and possibly connecting with companies about sponsorship or speaking opportunities. Also, It is the vice president's job to help the president perform their duties if the president is not available to perform them.

— Patrick Khachi, edited by Cindy

Treasurer Duties

You are in charge of preparing the budget of the club and must give a presentation in front of the Associated Students board to receive funding for the club. You are responsible for planning and funding the trip to the Game Developer’s Conference which includes all the paperwork regarding that. You are also responsible for handling the funds that are earned from selling club merchandise. Being available to attend club meetings and promotional events is required.

— Michael Wu


You will make whatever modifications to the website that are necessary to provide a better experience for our Club members, potential-members-to-be, game developers outside our Club, the general Internet public, and other cool people. Such modifications have included, or will include:

  • Tweaking the website to be less confusing to any of the above audiences.
  • Writing on the website in a way that seems friendly or welcoming; game development is inherently intimidating, so for the sake of potential members, it's useful to combat that by whatever means possible.
  • Making the website prettier.
  • Making or maintaining accounts and posts and things on places like Facebook, Twitter if anyone actually uses that, Steam, Vimeo, YouTube, Gmail, and whatever is hip in 2013.
  • Soliciting or making game development information/tutorials / a place to put said information/tutorials.
  • Probably other stuff!

No qualifications required; HTML/CSS experience preferred; dissatisfaction with the Club's current online presence preferred.

Kelsey Higham, edited by Cindy

Co-webmistress (haha) duties

You are mostly responsible for updating the website with news and events while the other co-webmaster (maybe) mostly deals with the tinkering with the site to make it look pretty. Note: whether you are a boy or girl, you must be called co-webmistress if you apply for this position.

Gizelle Orbino

Graphic Designer

The Graphic designer is the one who makes flyers and whatever graphics necessary for the operation of the club. The main job of the Graphic designer thus far was to create flyers and have them dispersed all over campus. However, It is not above their capability to make graphics for the website as well!

— Patrick Khachi


  • Takes notes during officer meetings
  • Posts news summaries
  • Passes out information

Kristi Loo


If you pick this one, you're in charge of video-recording members giving game presentations, and guest speakers giving talks. Then you're in charge of uploading those videos to YouTube, and posting them on the Game Dev Club website. (We need someone to do this one!)

Kelsey Higham


Take photos of the meetings, events, presentations, guest speakers, etc! Whenever a photo op appears, you are to snatch it!! You must have your own camera.