The 8-Bit Challenge (4 games)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008 - 7:00pm to Tuesday, December 2, 2008 - 7:00pm

Description, by mkapolka

Here are the entries from the 8-bit challenge!

"Vanguarder" by Edgar, Robert, and Cliff

Vanguarder from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Tactics This" by Michael and John.

Tactics This from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Other People" by Kelsey

Other People from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Mediocre Man" by Pauline, Gizelle, Parris, and Wally

Mediocre Man from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Complete rules

(originally written by Parris)

We are proud to present our second game challenge of the Fall 2008 Semester hereby to be referred to as the 8-bit challenge. The rules are quite simple and are as follows:

- Games must simply feel asthetically 'retro'
- Must resurrect a classic game genre
- Games may be direct clones, slight upgrades, or variations on original titles during that time period
- Mini Presentation due Thursday, November 13th
- Final Presentation due Tuesday December 2nd
- Projects may be developed for any platform
- Projects may feature newer technologies

Resource websites:
Various sprites:
Megaman sprites:
Sonic/others? sprites:

We do not have resources for game music yet; however, visit our google group and talk to your fellow members for further assistance!!!