The Random Phrase Challenge


Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 7:15pm to Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 7:00pm

Description, by A.I. Ghost

To understand how this challenge works, a bit of back-story is needed. I came across this game for iOS called ‘Unpleasant Horse’. The game was conceived during PopCap's first game jam, where small teams took randomly generated phrases and made games based on them. ‘Unpleasant Horse’ came from the phrase: “Unpleasant Horse Racing in the Sky.”

I took this idea and put my own spin on it for the Club. Grouping members together based on their positions, I had each programmer come up with a verb; each artist, a noun; and everyone else, an adverb. I shuffled the selection by hand and then gave the verbs to the artists. After having the artists find the author of the word they got, I randomly assigned nouns to the teams, and lastly, gave out the adverbs which gave them their third member. These are the phrases, and the initial groups (some members dropped out):

Team Poland: Patrick, Allen, Cat
“Swiftly Working Poland.”

Josh, Anders, Kristi
“Likely Pimpin Octopus”

Gavin, Calvin, Glen
“Zeppelin Jump Funnily”

John, Will, Daniel
“Pandas Swimmingly Open”

Kevin, Anthony, Terrance
“Lovely Shark Translate”

Team Furies: Kristopher, Cindy, Melson
“Harpies Thunderingly Tour”

Whatever games you see here are the groups/members who finished. These games will be featured in a gallery on April 30th.

Complete rules

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