March 8th Meeting


Thursday, March 8, 2012 -

7:15pm to 9:00pm


Art building, room 241
San José State University

The Plan

Most likely talking about game development and announcing winners for the game challenge! Aaaah!

What Actually Happened

GDC is later this morning, so if anyone is going with us, we'll be
meeting at the fountain in front of the Event Center.

The Platforming Game Challenge's winners have been announced! First
place goes to Team Cannonball for Cannonball's Quest, and second place
for Team Onee-Chan for Agent Saya. Good job, guys. :D

New Game Challenge has started. The theme this round is whatever your
combined sentence is! (

The Dave and Buster's Trip is March 22nd! If you are interested in
coming with us, please see a club officer about signing up or reply to the post about the event in the Google group or Facebook group!

Admitted Spartan Day is April 14th! We'll be around from 8am - 12pm
welcoming the new freshmen. Anyone is welcome to stop by to help us!

Art 241 will be open both this weekend and the next weekend, so feel
free to swing by and work on your games in there.

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