Hey everyone. The game my partner and I made for the platformer challenge is Myxa. It's a simple 2D platformer complete with spikes, angry-browed enemies, lots of chasms, moving platforms, coins, and a dash of frustration. Control Myxa, a gelatinous, amorphous mass of cuteness and save your blobby slime-mold companion from eternal solitude! See if you can get the highest score by jumping on all the enemies and by collecting all the coins. Movement is very simple:

Press to move.

Press Space to jump.

Notes and Comments:
- Created with GameMaker 8.1 (Lite), Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop (sprites, background, etc.)
- My partner and I have not used GameMaker since high school and middle school, respectively
- Learned a lot through making this game; thanks for reading/playing!

Anders Dang:
Programming, Level Design

Catherine Wood:
Sprite Art, Level Design

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Myxa game was made by the Game Dev Club they made this 2d game that have much frictions on this it was good for players. I need to make crack version of this that was possible due to the I got my version of this game that was good to play.