The Platformer Challenge


Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 7:15pm to Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 7:15pm

Description, by Kelsey Higham

I, Kelsey, hereby challenge you, aspiring video-gamesmith, to create a platformer.

I recommend that you use one of these!

Game Maker

Mark Overmars, who made Game Maker, made a very helpful Platform Games tutorial (here's the Mac compatible version).

You can learn from the tutorial, and you can also just take the Game Maker files and modify them for your game.

If you can read through and understand the drag-and-drop code used in the first stage, you will totally level up as a game-making-person. It's tricky, but I promise you: the stuff you can learn from that tutorial is useful for most kinds of games.

If you want to do advanced stuff, you can use Marty's Platform Engine, which is famous for having been used in Spelunky.


Game Maker is a very good tool, but it isn't perfect. Annoyingly:

  • If you don't buy the full version, it puts a watermark on your game.
  • If you want to embed your game in a web page, you have to pay $100 for the HTML5 version.

There are a bunch of other game-making tools out there, with various tradeoffs, but one of the best is called Stencyl.

Stencyl solves the above problems *~for free~*, and:

  • It integrates Scratch, a simple gamemaking program designed for elementary school kids.
  • It integrates Flixel, a Flash game framework used in lots and lots of indie Flash games.
  • (Rule of thumb: If it's a Flash game with pixel art made in the last year, it was probably made in Flixel.)

Cool! But the problem is:

Nobody in the Club has extensive experience with Stencyl. Which means that we're all learning at the same time, together, like childhood friends.

That said:

Stencyl's built-in tutorial is, I've been told, to make a platformer. So you can literally just download it and get started.

So like…

Despite all that, Game Maker and Stencyl really are both good choices. Pick whichever you're more comfortable with, and make a game! I'm counting on you!

We're all counting on you!

Kelsey ♥

Complete rules

Make a platformer!

We don't want to limit you. The point of this challenge is to learn and experiment! So you just have to convince us that your game resembles a platformer in some way.

A shmup, for example, is just a platformer where the character jumped really high.


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