Misfit Ninja

This was a project for the Fall 2011 Art104 Game Studies Course taught by James Morgan. Made with Game Maker 8 Pro, this project took an estimated 80 hours over a one month period to finish. There is no plot, and the game design was inspired by the frustratingly awesome Super Meat Boy.

Navigate the levels trying to achieve the fastest time possible, and collect cherry blossoms for an added challenge. Each level has an optimal route which will cut down completion times by half, try to find them!

Along with the game exe, you will find an Xpadder profile for a Xbox360 controller with the optimal layout for the game, to switch on Xbox360 controller button displays go into the game options.

Keyboard Controls:
(Xbox controls are explained in game options)

Jump/Select: Spacebar
Sprint: e
Replay Level: r
Back to Map: b
Main Menu: Esc

Programming, Art, and Design: Maxim Tiourin


"Heroic Kingdom"

by XayberOptix (Newgrounds.com)

"Ambient Mist"

by AshleyAlyse (Newgrounds.com)

"Keep Running Don't Stop"

by Mixjah Design 'Maxim Tiourin' (Newgrounds.com)

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