Planes of Steel

If you've ever had something just not work, this game is for you!
In Planes of Steel (aka POS), you pilot a plane that doesn't quite work, navigating it through endless fields of flying blocks, bullets, and cherries, all while your plane's on fire!

Additionally, there's a simple leveling (or rather de-leveling) system implemented: Once on fire (i.e you go below level 10) your plane begins to slowly lose health, and also to slowly delevel. (In this case, the level could indicate the strength of your plane, or how many pieces are still attached).
Once you go below level 8, bombs are disabled, and it just gets worse from there.
To level up, and also to gain lost health, you must ram into floating wrenches, which are often clustered or inside blocks.
Lastly, there's a reward for leveling up past level 12: You get a top hat!

Up/Down to move plane
Space to shoot
B to bomb.

Source code to be posted at

"The plane slowly falls down due to mysterious reasons. We call it 'Gravity' "

Patrick Harris:
Art, gameplay designing and testing

Kevin Hietala:
Art, gameplay designing and testing

Neil Bickford:
Programming, placeholders

Peter Bickford:
Sound design

Background music from (Kevin MacLeod)

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Correction: The source file has been uploaded to !