Squirrel Catcher

[still a very rough draft, needs a lot of polish]

Created in the Art 104 Game Studies Class during Fall 2011.

Catch the Squirrels! Run up to them and they'll get caught!

Arrow Keys = Movement
Space Bar = next page in NPC dialogue (not implemented yet)

Game does not actually advocate the catching of squirrels in real life.
Possible Future Updates: (If a programmer would like to help me implement the features, I'd really appreciate it!)

> Fix dialogue positioning
> Squirrels should flee from player when player is at certain distance; also should run in random directions instead of just up and down
>Regenerating squirrels?
Programs used: Game Maker 8.0 Lite, Microsoft Paint (Sprites)
>Music? (Something happy-ish?)
>Timer to see who can catch the most squirrels?
-implement a run feature (and stamina too? -recoverable stamina: run too much and you get tired, walk to recover)
>Other familiar areas to explore?

Kristi Loo: Game idea and Sprites

Special thanks to Maxim Tiourin for the extensive help in coding lessons.

Sound effects (c) Game Freak (http://www.gamefreak.co.jp/) and their respective owners. I do not own any of the sound effects used in the game.

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