Thursday, November 17, 2011 -

7:00pm to 9:00pm


Art building, room 241
San José State University

The Plan

Hello everyone!

This Thursday will be a general meeting. We'll get into our Game-making groups and continue to work on the game for the Leveling Challenge. They'll be due December 1st.

People without a group are welcome to join the pre-existing ones, or make one themselves. :>

Hope to see you all there!

What Actually Happened

‎>>11/17 Meeting Summary<<

(a wild WALL OF TEXT appeared!)

There is no Game Night next week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. The Game Challenge for the Levelling theme is still ongoing. It will be due in two weeks (12/1)



  • - Glorious Trainwrecks this Saturday (11/19). Sign up for this event at []. Their events are monthly, so there's always next month if this month is too busy. :>
  • - Classics Game Tournament (hosted by the Digital Game Museum) is next Saturday (11/26). Early registration is free, while a day pass might be $5. This event will be in Mountain View at the Hacker Dojo, so if anyone wants to drive/needs a ride, please reply to this message post!
  • - Art 104: Game Studies (for Spring semester). Mon/Wed 6:30 -7:45. Contact [email protected] for more information.
  • - Art 175: Game Design in Flash (for Spring Semester). Mon/Wed 6:30 - 9:20. Contact [email protected] for more information.

>A few groups' prototype games for the Levelling challenge were shown.

  • - [Plane Flying Game] The plane will slowly develop problems as the game progresses. It's recommended not to level up, since levelling up causes problems for the plane (de-levelling?). Pick up wrenches to fix the problems. There's also a tiny gremlin that falls from the sky to harass the plane as well.
  • - Some things that will be implemented include more ideas, sound effects, actual enemies to avoid/attack, and plane upgrades. Some upgrades may not be very beneficial, such as the plane suddenly getting a bowtie.
  • - [Wisp Collecting Coins] The wisp collects coins to advance through the playing levels. The wisp itself can level up a few abilities, such as Dash, Shot and Ram. Either spending coins or repeated use of the skill levels them up. There are boxes around the playing levels that can either be destroyed by a Ram or Shot attack, and these boxes drop coins once destroyed.
  • - Some things that will be implemented include enemies to provide a threat to the player, possible doors/mazes for the player to navigate through, and dynamic difficulty (If the player plays aggressively, the next level may be harder, or if they take too long finishing a playing level, the screen will slowly flash red and the next playing level might be a little easier).

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! :D

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