Kill the Bunnies

This game was created in front of a live audience, on the September 22nd meeting, as a demonstration of some of the basics of Game Maker. You can see a teeny bit more about the game in this blog post.

Controls, if I recall correctly:

: Left player

Right player:

Space : Restart

(I do not necessarily recall correctly.)

Source code, in the form of a .gmk file, is included with the download; you can open and modify it with version 8 or higher of Game Maker.

Kelsey Higham:

James Morgan:
The idea for the leprechauns

Some other people (let me know if you remember who):
The ideas for the bunny and the bats

People listing this game as theirs on their profile:


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This game was created before the live audience, on the September 22 meeting, as a showcase of some of the games based on the Sport Maker. I need assignmenthelp4me review for help. You can see more about the game in this blog post including some directions related to this game. Kids should check this info out.