A Game Involving a Pelican
by Kelsey Higham

This thing is rushed and probably incoherent!

The game takes place in a strange tank filled with water and snow. You're a pelican, who likes eating and does not like drowning. You have two meters, an air meter and a food meter. The air meter goes down as you touch water; the food meter goes down as you don't have something in your beak.

The controls are kinda like this: You hold left to rotate counterclockwise, you hold right to rotate clockwise. You hold up to fly in the direction of up, but if you're upside-down, the direction of up is down, yknow?

You hold down to close your beak; otherwise it's open. It kinda works using a hinge. If you paste beak.png on top of bird.png in Paint, you can know what the beak looks like when it's closed.

The collision mask is something like collision mask.png, but maybe not exactly; the important part is that things can go inside the big part of the beak.

The tank gradually fills with water, and water is basically a bunch of water particles. I'm not sure whether they're the size of water.png or whether they're scaled down or scaled up. Or whether water.png is

There's a bunch of snow, in the form of snow.png particles. You can pick up snow and put it down. Snow blocks water from flowing, so you have to construct a snowfort before the tank fills up so that you can breathe while the tank is filled.

There are fish in the water, and you need to bring them into your snowfort by picking them up and putting them down. To eat a fish, you just hold it in your mouth, and it gradually shrinks, and replenishes your food meter. So when your food meter is full, eating is wasteful.

The snow melts as it's in your mouth, or maybe you're eating it, I dunno. It shrinks like the fish.

I dunno, maybe the snow should slowly melt under contact with water, too? That could be cool if it's not too harsh.

this is terrible



collision mask.png