Game Dev Challenge Documentation.doc


Game Script
by David Do


    1. Concept

      Using food to reveal
      the location of near-perfectly camouflaged killer polar bears, a player
      must navigate across a blizzard-shrouded map as quickly as possible
      and before he/she freezes to death.

    1. Background Story

      In a post-apocalyptic
      future, global warming caused the polar ice caps to melt, rising the
      oceans and subsequently flooding the world. Eventually, the earth entered
      a cooling phase and the oceans iced over, leaving the earth a frozen
      wasteland. In the wake of this cataclysm, the once-endangered polar
      bears found the perfect opportunity to launch an assault on remnants
      of the human race.

      That is where you come
      in. You are stranded on the surface, left to pit your wits and will
      against the bitter cold and the ravenous, vengeful polar bears that
      inhabit it. You are no super-soldier. You are no savior. Your mission:


    1. Controls

      The player navigates
      with the arrow keys and uses spacebar to throw food. Another button
      is assigned to open up the pause/options menu.

      All controls can be
      configured in the options menu.

    1. Single Player

      From the menu, the
      player is able to view his/her top scores and times as well as adjust
      options. Before a game can begin, the player chooses a map and a difficulty
      setting, both of which adjust the number of hazards and availability
      of power ups that will occur in a level.

      HAZARDS include:

      • Polar bears
        – when the player makes contact with one, it is an instant game over

      POWER-UPS include:

      • Fires
        used to regain body heat; they burn out after a set period of time;
        larger fires regain more heat and smaller fires regain less heat
      • Food
        replenishes the food supply by up to three

      The game is played
      from an isometric top-down view. The player starts on one end of the
      map and must make his/her way to the exit, which will be clearly marked.
      The map is grid-based, and each step a character takes moves him/her
      one square in that direction. The player’s HUD consists of an icon
      representing how much food he has left to throw and a bar that represents
      body heat. The bar for heat is constantly depleting as the game progresses
      and can only be recovered when the player stands next to a fire. The
      player starts out with five pieces of food.

      There are several well-camouflaged
      polar bears scattered across the map. The polar bears can only be seen
      when they move; they leave footprints in their wake. The footprints
      are wiped away by the blizzard after a set time. They move sporadically,
      but they can also be motivated to move when food is thrown. Food has
      a set radius of attraction; they will lead up to eights polar bears
      around a single piece of food. The player hits spacebar to throw food,
      and uses the arrow keys to decide in what direction and how far he/she
      throws the food (1-4 spaces).

      The game is won when
      a player reaches the end of the map and the game is over when the player
      is either eaten by a polar bear or the heat meter runs out (the player
      froze to death). Record times are saved and can be viewed from the main