Unicorn Schmup

This game will be about unicorns saving the world from post-global warming ice age. You will fight using your powers and the environment against mutated/agitated creatures and evil humans who want to capture you and harness the power of your magic!

Major features and gameplay mechanics
Schmup (shooter game like Ikaruga)
Player is a unicorn
Unicorn's attacks are upgradeable and game must include at least one upgrade to the unicorn's attacks
Food appears on screen to aid the unicorn (can heal or increase attack/defense power or whatever)
Blizzards will appear on screen at least once per level to “white-out” everything (players screen becomes completely white). This major obstacle can be used in later levels as an attack by the unicorn (it'll wipe out all foes on screens except for bosses).

Secondary features
Can be a top-down view or side-scroller


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