About Us

The Game Development Club was created for the sole purpose of generating and maintaining a space for developing games. To foster a learning environment for game development and design where people can come together to meet others who share similar ineterests, to play games for learning and research, and, above all, to learn how to develop games. No prior game developing knowledge, such as programming or art experience, is necessary. The club is met to help and teach one another, so we will help you get started on your journey towards game development. All you need is passion, a positive attitude, and determination. Anyone who wants to lean develop game is welcome to join us, even non-students.

Activities and Opportunities

We provide many resources, as well as inspiration and motivation, to help our members learn about the processes and roles that are put into game development. We form small teams amongst the members to help them work on a game developing project centered on a agreed upon game idea within that team. In addition to that, the club provides opportunities where our members can network with their peers and professionals to make meaninful connections. The club reaches out to industry professionals and have them explain on their experiences in making games as well as to teach fundamental game making ideas. We also host fun game jams, where participants compete to try and make a video game from scratch within a limited amount of time. Come see our club game showcases to see all the wonderful games that our members have created. All of this is done in hopes of helping people understand the process of game developing.

SJSU Game Dev Club Constitution

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Contacting Us

  • Join our Discord, our most active platform
  • Follow us on social media, listed at the bottom of the page
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  • Attend one of our meetings

You can reach us by coming to one of our meetings. Official club meetings are only held during the Fall semester (August-November) and Spring semester (January-May) of SJSU. We meet every Thursdays at 7:30pm in the MLK Library's Innovation Center which is located at the basement level. We are also very active on Discord, so you are welcome to join our server and message any of the current officers or the club advisor about any questions. If not Discord, try any of our other social media platforms.


Due to quarantine laws that are in place by the Santa Clara County and in accordance with social distancing policies, all official club meetings will be held in the GameDev Club Discord using voice Channels and NOT at the library. Meetings will be held every Thursday at 7:30pm Starting August 20.

Club meetings are held at MLK Library's Innovation Center every Thursday at 7:30pm during the Fall and Spring Semester of SJSU.

NOTE: The Innovation Center is at the basement level which is one level down. Once you're at the basement level, look for the sign that has "GameDev Club" written on it.

GameDev Club Officers


Edward Chang
5th year, Industrial Technology

Vice President

Yunseo (Claire) Han
2nd year, Computer Science


Cole Pergerson
4th year, Digital Media Art

Social Media

Thomas Zakharzhevskiy
4th year, Computer Science

Event Coordinator

Marco Romagna
4th year, Software Engineering

Graphic Artist

Jessica Thang
5th year, Animation/Illustration

Streaming Coordinator

Julius Moridis
2nd year, Radio-TV-Film

Web Director

Anthony Sokry
5th year, Digital Media Art

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