The Asynchronous Collaboration Game Challenge, Part II (Rules)

Mar 16, 2010

If you haven't implemented a game before, this weekend is Klik of the Month on Participate in that for practice, there are people who can help you!

Part II of the challenge has begun! In this part, you will be tasked with implementing a game using Part I's designs and assets. The designs and assets are here! But don't you start downloading them yet. This is a challenge, we have constraints to make it challenging.

Here are some rules

There's no "I" in "COLLABORATION"

Part of the fun of this challenge is that it forces people to team up with each other. But that doesn't work unless we force people to team up with each other! So you're not allowed to use your own design or assets. You have to use someone else's if you want to be eligible for prizes.

If we didn't do it this way, there wouldn't have been much point to Part I!

i made a picture

If the design you choose has assets to go along with it, you have to use the assets provided before using your own. This doesn't mean that you can't create assets, just that you can't replace existing assets for new ones. If something is in the design but isn't provided as an asset, you're free to make it yourself!

Lol, Internet

You're not allowed to use assets beyond those provided and those you create yourself; no pulling a sweet sprite or jammin' soundtrack off the Internet.

Team Size

In Part II, you can work with only one other person, because we only have enough prizes for teams of that size. Human assets from Part I don't count towards that, because technically they're in Part I.

The best game will net prizes for both the team that made the design and assets and the team that implemented it!


The competition ends on April 6. It started two weeks ago, and there are three weeks remaining!

Here are some summarizing bullet points

  • Members select one game design from the previous challenge, and implement it, in teams of 1 - 2 people
  • Members cannot develop their own designs
  • There will be one prize per team member for the best implemented game (the implementing team and design team will both win prizes)
  • The challenge ends at the meeting on April 6th
  • If the game design includes art, the art must be used, but additional art can be added (same for sound)
  • All code and assets must be made by team members

Here are some designs and assets

Designs and Assets

click to get at them