Tower Defense Challenge (Rules)

Mar 23, 2009

Thanks for everyone who participated in the last challenge. We will post the video of the winners soon! In the mean time, here are the rules for the newest challenge!

Tower Defense:

- At least one map

- At least 3 Tower types

- At least 5 waves of creeps

- It may be developed for any platform

Prizes will be announced on the day of; however, please remember how awesome the prizes were last time :)! Plus you will be praised in the Game Dev and CS club for your awesomeness.

This may be judged by a vote or by a panel (not sure yet, Edgar and I both want to participate)

Grading Criteria:

- Mechanics

- Game Play

- Graphics/Audio

- Polish

Tentative Deadline: Monday, April 27th, 2009 at 5:00pm ( a little more than a month from now )

We will also have a speaker on that day! ( will be announced and confirmed soon )

Good Luck!