8-bit Challenge (Rules)

Oct 29, 2008

We are proud to present our second game challenge of the Fall 2008 Semester hereby to be referred to as the 8-bit challenge. The rules are quite simple and are as follows:

- Games must simply feel asthetically 'retro'
- Must resurrect a classic game genre
- Games may be direct clones, slight upgrades, or variations on original titles during that time period
- Mini Presentation due Thursday, November 13th
- Final Presentation due Tuesday December 2nd
- Projects may be developed for any platform
- Projects may feature newer technologies

Resource websites:
Various sprites:  http://www.spriters-resource.com/
Megaman sprites:  http://www.sprites-inc.co.uk/
Sonic/others? sprites:  http://www.themysticalforestzone.com/Sprite_section.htm

We do not have resources for game music yet; however, visit our google group and talk to your fellow members for further assistance!!!