First Code-a-thon!

Jan 31, 2008

The first code-a-thon of the semester! Bring your laptops and get ready to make some games. You're free to stop by and leave between the times of 3pm and 10pm. We'll be pitching in for pizza at around 5pm. The location for the code-a-thon is the engineering building in room 376(third floor). Even if you have no experience making games, YOU'RE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO STOP BY. The one and only requirement is to possess a drive and passion for making video games! We are here to give you the tools, resources, and networking to help you achieve your goals!

Code-a-thons are a great place to collaborate with other game developers and share ideas. They will be held in the Engineering building in room 376 every Friday and they promptly start at 3pm and end at 10pm. Everyone is welcome to stop by and leave whenever they like. Code-a-thons are not just for coders/programmers, everyone from graphic design to sound engineering is welcome. Hope to see everyone there!



i'll try to stop by, but i don't think i can make it this week. hope to see you guys next week for sure though!

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