Welcome to Game Dev!

Who We Are

The Game Development Club was founded to serve as an environment for people to learn about the process of developing games, to play and understand game design, and to collaborate with others in researching and creating their own games.

What We Do

We provide tools, resources, and many forms of inspiration and motivation to help people learn about the game development process regardless of their level of experience. We also particpate in game jams and reach out to industry professionals who can elaborate on their experiences and teach fundamental game making ideas to our club.

Where We Meet

We meet every Thursday at 7:30pm at the MLK Library's Innovation Center, located on the Lower Level (the basement level) on our Discord Server. Everyone is welcome, even non-students!

Featured Event

Final Showcase

After a semester of awesome ideas and amazing progress, it's time to wrap up your projects (for now) and show us what you have!
Here are some tips to keep in mind for the showcase:
- Make a playable build of your game so other people can try it and you have something to demo.
- Using a slideshow is strongly recommended!
- Presentations should not go over 10 minutes total!
We encourage members to sign up to our Fall 2021 awards! Check out Itch.io page for more infomation

December 2nd | 7:30pm PST | Discord

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