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This game was originally created for Ludum Dare's Mini-LD 10, which had the theme "domestic violence".

I have no experience with domestic violence, so it’s more about that one time I was in a bad mood.

Play until the end!

The key is a convenient way of picking up crates.
The keys are a convenient means to move left and right.
The key is a convenient way of ensuring that your work doesn't go to waste.

Made for Miscellaneous


My very first video game from Art 104: Game Studies 2012! Made with Game Maker 08.

Collect staplers to kill your co-workers and go after your boss! Then once you gain his CEO powers, defend your newly acquired office building from stinky, pot-smoking hippies! Watch out for Anonymous!




Shoot: Space

Coffee cups: lives

Made for Miscellaneous

The Photo Game
Untitled Tower Defense
Kelsey Higham
Jun 21, 2012

You can upload your older games now!

It's relatively recent that the website allows you to upload your games, so most games made prior to September 2011 can't actually be played, because they're trapped on your computers.

But now I've added folders for all the old challenges. So: You should upload them! (You'll need to register or log in first.)

Don't worry if your game is a work in progress; if it's more advanced than MOVE RIGHT, it totally belongs.

Here are the new (old) challenges you can upload games to:
The Pong Challenge, Fall 2008 Edition
The 8-Bit Challenge
The Shmup Challenge
The Tower Defense Challenge
The Collaborative Game Challenge
The Facebook Game Challenge
The Asynchronous Collaboration Game Challenge
The Budget Crisis Challenge
The Photos Challenge
The Genres Challenge
The 3D Game Challenge

A.I. Ghost
Jun 21, 2012

Indie Game: The Movie!!

"Fall semester may be months away but here's a sneak peak of an upcoming event for the club!"

*Puts stolen photo of Indie Game: The Movie poster*

Stay tuned for more details~~ ;P

-signed Ex-Pokemon Master with Love

Kelsey Higham
May 17, 2012

Battle Fruit II is the winner of the Sequels to Non-Existent Games Challenge

Congratulations to Gavin Higham, John Pham, Donmelson Varsovia, and Mukul Panchal!

May 13, 2012

Say welcome to the new board officers!

President: Patrick Khachi
VP: Gavin
Treasurer: Michael Wu
Secretary: Kristi Loo
Webmaster: Gizelle
Webmistress: Kelsey
Graphic Designer (2x): John Pham, Glenn Pham
Videographer: Daniel Wilson

Congratulations to the new board officers!!!
Additionally, we are still looking for an Event Coordinator and a Photographer. If you want any of these positions, please email sjsugamedev@gmail.com.

May 11, 2012


The games for the current game challenge, Bad Sequels to Non-Existent Game, have been uploaded and are ready to be voted on!

- Gordius 2
- Lovely Shark Translate II (Demo Version)
- Battle Fruit II
- Lovely Shark Translate -1
- Dungeon Smasher Mini Edition

Voting ends on Monday, May 14th, and results will be announced on the 15th. We are not sure if there will be prizes, but winners will be contacted before the end of the semester regarding prizes.

Dungeon Smasher Mini Edition

This is a demo of the old Dungeon Smasher game. I'll find the full game and upload it here as soon as I can.

From what I see, your goal is to complete objectives to reach the next floor. In the demo, they don't give any clues. Die and start over again.
(game is incomplete, I'll finish it when I can)
Arrow keys to move
Z to roll
X to attack
Typical disclaimer: this game doesn't reflect final product

Made for Sequels to Non-Existent Games

Lovely Shark Translate -1

A game that is a sequel and a prequel of non-existing games.

Made for Sequels to Non-Existent Games

Battle Fruit II

The idea for the title was Battlefruit 2: Attack of the Mechafruit. The concept is that all the enemies are mechafruit, fruit who have been infected with technology.

Made for Sequels to Non-Existent Games

Lovely Shark Translate II (Demo version)

Taking place many thousands of years after the events of the smash hit "Lovely Shark Translate," this sequel will expand upon the winning formula that captured the hearts of millions across the globe. Which shark will you choose?

Made for Sequels to Non-Existent Games

Gordius 2

Gordius 2 is a game about many things:

and not getting your head bit off.

This is also a sequel to the original Gordius, the famous
game which wasn't made in 1973.

In reality, this game was made for the SJSU Game Development Club as an entry to the "Bad Sequels to Non-existent Games" challenge.
While this has been coded in C#, a fairly modern
programming language, it still keeps elements true to many old games- it runs in a console, doesn't use color except in certain places, has some cutscenes that are too long, and utilizes a programmer who both has a strange idea of what humor is as well as who can't figure out how to use libraries.
Backstory: see http:\\neilbickford.com\Gordius.htm (to be filled in)

Includes a somewhat cheating 'proof' that the variant of Sokoban used is not in NP!


Unfortunately, this game is Windows only, but it would probably work in Mono.

Made for Sequels to Non-Existent Games

May 4, 2012

Random Phrase Challenge Results!

Thanks to all who voted for the games in the cabinet!

The winner is Harpies Tour Thunderingly!! Yaaaaaaay!

In second place is Zeppelin Jump Funnily, third is Pandas Open Swimmingly, and fourth is Swiftly Working Poland.

The game Ramps Derp has an honorable mention even though it was not part of the challenge at all. It was very popular according to the comments left by the gallery guests.

May 4, 2012

5/3 Meeting Summary

As usual, the very awesome Kristi has provided us an excellent summary from last night's meeting, which can be seen here.

Now, on to some quick updates if you are too lazy to click the link.

The Burn Out Gallery was a huge success! The turnout was amazing and everyone who stopped in definitely enjoyed all the hard work the students put out! A HUGE thanks to our Overlord, Kris, for supplying the pizza and drinks. We will definitely do this next year!

Next week's meeting is the FINAL MEETING of the semester. Please do not come to room 241 the week after that. While we do admire your enthusiasm for the club, there will be no meetings that week because it is finals week.

Apr 27, 2012

Need volunteers!

It's nearing the end of the semester and there are plenty of awesome events that are coming!

But we need some volunteers to help out with setting up for these events!

The Burn Out gallery showing starts next Monday with the opening gala on Tuesday, May 1st!
Here's the event: http://www.facebook.com/events/119318884867433/
If you want to volunteer to help set up the gallery this weekend (4-27 to 4/29), please post either in the Google Group or shoot a message in the Facebook group! We will contact you with further information.

Also this weekend, we need help building the Arcade Cabinet. Post in the Google group or Facebook group if you want to help!

Apr 27, 2012

VOTE for your new officers!!

If you haven't heard, the voting for the new officers for next year have started!!
Here are the current candidates for each position:

President: Patrick Khachi
VP: Gavin
Treasurer: Michael Wu
Secretary: Kristi Loo, Anders
Webmaster: Gizelle, Patrick Harris
Webmistress: Kelsey
Graphic Designer (2x): Kristi Loo, John Pham, Glenn Pham, Gizelle
Event Coordinator
Videographer: Daniel Wilson

Please note that you can vote for two people for the graphic design position and the Webmaster/mistress position (although they are different titles, they are essentially the same position. We were just having fun).

Please either vote on the Game Dev Google group or shoot an email to (sjsugamedev@gmail.com)if you would like to send in an anonymous vote.
Additionally, it's not too late to nominate yourself for a position so shoot a message to sjsugamedev@gmail.com if you are still interested in running! But do it quickly!

Kelsey Higham
Apr 22, 2012

Gallery Submission

Due to the low amount of submissions, we have extended the deadline to April 25th. SUBMIT YOUR STATEMENTS BY THEN!!!

FINAL versions of games are due at 11:59 pm on April 26th! We will be dling all submitted games off the website at midnight.

Remember, you can submit any game you want as long as it's yours and it has a statement.

Gallery opens on April 30th!


Kelsey Higham
Apr 18, 2012


By April 19th, statements for the games in the Random Phrase Challenge need to be submitted via e-mail. All games will be included in the gallery and if there are no statements for your game, your game may not be featured in the gallery.

Any other games that were NOT made during this challenge can be submitted via google group. Reply to the thread to submit.

April 20th is the deadline for submissions

April 26th: Final versions of the games for the gallery are due at 11:59 pm, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any questions can be directed at the FB page or to our groups.

— Cindy

Also: if anyone wants a game on the cabinet for the gallery that was made in Flash or Unity, they should let me / us know ASAP.

-- Kristopher Windsor

Kelsey Higham
Apr 13, 2012

So you think you can become an officer?

Then here are the three hyperlinked steps you should take!

  1. Read the job descriptions.
  2. Ask any questions you may have about a position.
  3. Send your nomination ("I would like to nominate myself for the position of Videographer!") to sjsugamedev@gmail.com by Thursday, April 26th at 7:00pm.

Don't be shy about applying! We'll start voting on the April 26th meeting.

Other People
Kelsey Higham
Apr 12, 2012

Harpies Thunderingly Tour

Dear harpy, can you tour San Francisco without destroying the city?


Made for The Random Phrase Challenge

Zeppelin Jump Funnily

Zeppelin Jump Funnily
A hydrogen zeppelin is an enflamed and it is about to crash into a landmark tower! All the zeppelin passengers impulsively jump out for safety...or death. Fortunately, there are civilian rescuers equipped with long-ranged water hose and water grappling hook to save the passengers and the zeppelin before it crashes the building.
Zeppelin = An flying airship, blimp, or dirigible.
Jump = To rise or jerk suddenly.
Funnily = To provide something amusing, comical, deceitful, and strange.

Made for The Random Phrase Challenge

Panda Opens Swimmingly

Panda Open Swimmingly is a game about a Panda pirate seeking to open treasure chests with less effort. The Panda’s goal is to obtain all of the treasures to buy bamboos and bring the leisurely life to the panda community. The treasure chests are guarded by Monkey pirates. The Panda, that the player controls, is strong and can swimmingly maul down the hordes of monkeys to reach and open the treasure chests. Is there any monkey who can provide this Panda a decent challenge?

Made for The Random Phrase Challenge

Kelsey Higham
Apr 11, 2012

Officer Job Descriptions

If you're interested in becoming an officer, find out what they do!

Pokémon Master

You are the captain of this ship. You are the leader of this faction. You. Are. THE POKÉMON MASTER!! But srsly, you are the president of this club and your job is to make sure the club runs smoothly by delegating tasks, making the hard decisions, planning the challenges, and arranging the schedule for the year. This is hard work and requires a great deal of effort and time. You are required to attend every club meeting.

President (same position as Pokémon Master)

Serving as president is an all-encompassing job. You work with each of the other officers to make sure that everything that needs to be done for the club is being taken care of by the appropriate person.



The Vice president is In charge of helping the president by making sure everything moves along smoothly. It's a constant job of making sure everyone is performing their parts correctly and helping the president with whatever he or she needs whenever he or she needs. The Vice-President is also often the one who makes sure guest speakers are taken care of and helped with anything they need. It is also their responsibility to search for possible guest speakers and possibly connecting with companies about sponsorship or speaking opportunities. Also, It is the vice president's job to help the president perform their duties if the president is not available to perform them.

— Patrick Khachi, edited by Cindy

Treasurer Duties

You are in charge of preparing the budget of the club and must give a presentation in front of the Associated Students board to receive funding for the club. You are responsible for planning and funding the trip to the Game Developer’s Conference which includes all the paperwork regarding that. You are also responsible for handling the funds that are earned from selling club merchandise. Being available to attend club meetings and promotional events is required.

— Michael Wu


You will make whatever modifications to the website that are necessary to provide a better experience for our Club members, potential-members-to-be, game developers outside our Club, the general Internet public, and other cool people. Such modifications have included, or will include:

  • Tweaking the website to be less confusing to any of the above audiences.
  • Writing on the website in a way that seems friendly or welcoming; game development is inherently intimidating, so for the sake of potential members, it's useful to combat that by whatever means possible.
  • Making the website prettier.
  • Making or maintaining accounts and posts and things on places like Facebook, Twitter if anyone actually uses that, Steam, Vimeo, YouTube, Gmail, and whatever is hip in 2013.
  • Soliciting or making game development information/tutorials / a place to put said information/tutorials.
  • Probably other stuff!

No qualifications required; HTML/CSS experience preferred; dissatisfaction with the Club's current online presence preferred.

Kelsey Higham, edited by Cindy

Co-webmistress (haha) duties

You are mostly responsible for updating the website with news and events while the other co-webmaster (maybe) mostly deals with the tinkering with the site to make it look pretty. Note: whether you are a boy or girl, you must be called co-webmistress if you apply for this position.

Gizelle Orbino

Graphic Designer

The Graphic designer is the one who makes flyers and whatever graphics necessary for the operation of the club. The main job of the Graphic designer thus far was to create flyers and have them dispersed all over campus. However, It is not above their capability to make graphics for the website as well!

— Patrick Khachi


  • Takes notes during officer meetings
  • Posts news summaries
  • Passes out information

Kristi Loo


If you pick this one, you're in charge of video-recording members giving game presentations, and guest speakers giving talks. Then you're in charge of uploading those videos to YouTube, and posting them on the Game Dev Club website. (We need someone to do this one!)

Kelsey Higham


Take photos of the meetings, events, presentations, guest speakers, etc! Whenever a photo op appears, you are to snatch it!! You must have your own camera.


Apr 10, 2012

Interested in becoming an officer?

Are you interested in becoming an officer for the Game Dev Club next year? If you are, there are tons of positions available to get yourself or a friend to be nominated. Are you curious on what those positions are?

Well, you're in luck because this Thursday, we will have an information meeting about the officer positions! Maybe one will catch your interest!

Also this Thursday, we will start a new game challenge! Of course, this obviously means that our current challenge is at an end.

Lastly, this week's meeting is the last chance to sign up for volunteering for the Admitted Spartan Day on April 14th. (Talk to Cindy during the meeting, or email sjsugamedev@gmail.com, if you want to volunteer! —Kelsey)

See you all this Thursday!


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