Here are the officers for 2013-2014.

Gavin Higham

Antonio Jimenez
Vice President

Angelica Cabanlit

Kristi Loo

Kelsey Higham
Head Webmaster

Lyderic Muys and John Pham
Co-Apprentice Webmasters

Glenn and John Pham
Co-Graphic Designers

Arthur Baney and Pauline Pham
Co-Graphic Designers

Daniel Wilson and Paul Welch

Bisma Janjua
Master of Posts

James Morgan
Faculty Advisor

Kristopher Windsor

The Game Development Club at San Jose State University is a student-run organization funded by SJSU's Associated Students. It exists to facilitate game development and teamwork while providing a fun, educational, and social experience for members. The club also has events for those interested in the game development industry.

The club has weekly meetings. This semester, they alternate between game night meetings (to play games) and real meetings, where we host game development challenges and occasional guest speakers. The challenges are typically month-long competitions where members work in small teams to make a game.

All students (and even alumni or other interested people) are welcome to attend our weekly meetings. Programmers and artists definitely can find something to work on, but everyone is welcome to try some game design, or even make a game with Stencyl or Game Maker. There is no membership fee.

If you are interested in game development, send us an email, join our Facebook group, or come to our next meeting (schedule on the right). You may also want to join our Google Group.

Top to bottom: Michael Wu (Treasurer, Spring 2012), Patrick Khachi (Vice President, Spring 2012), Cindy (President, Spring 2012), Kelsey Higham (Co-Webmaster, Spring 2012).


Thursdays at 7:15pm
Mezzanine room
MLK Library
San José State University

Participate Online

 Facebook Group
 Steam Group
 Google Group