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Aug 24, 2015

Game Dev Updates - Teams, Game Jams, and More

Hola amigos,

Game Development Club will be meeting on Thursday from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm in the Mezzanine again. During this meeting, I will give a powerpoint on forming teams. After the most profound powerpoint you will ever hear in your life, Game Dev. members will form groups (or not if you so choose) and the officers will announce the first game jam theme. There will also be an alternate theme provided if the first game jam theme is not your cup of tea. Remember, the theme suggestions will close off on Tuesday at 11:59 pm. If you want to suggest a theme, just post it in the general channel in slack or email it. Also, Game Dev. Club will be participating in the San Jose Pride Festival on August 30th. If you are interested, message me through Facebook or slack.

Antonio Jimenez

Jun 18, 2015

Summer Collaborations

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer! This is an invite to join our Slack chat, if you haven't already, to start collaborating on summer projects! Just sign up at: https://sjsugamedev.slack.com/ with your SJSU email and get started! Or, you can email us at sjsugamedev@gmail.com with a non-SJSU email to get an invite. We have a dedicated chat room called Summer-2015 and we invite you all to start making groups or toss around ideas with everyone on the messenger. It's a really great way to stay connected to your friends and fellow club members. We will be finding places for meetings and organizing prototyping for groups working locally and remotely.

In other news, Maker Faire and SubZero went along splendidly and many people were inspired and curious about all the games on our cabinets! Ya'll should try volunteering at these events sometime, it's really great to see how everyone's work is received. We are looking forward to California Extreme and possibly SJ Mini Maker Faire this upcoming semester and can't wait to see what new games you all can get into the cabinets!

Finally, the Pham brothers have a game up and running on the Google Play store! Check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PrettyCooInc.PigeonCoo and let them know what you think! Let's all work hard to encourage and better each other.

Have a great summer and we look forward to hearing from you on Slack!

May 12, 2015

Girls Make Games

Girls Make Games has contacted us with paid job opportunities in 5 camps in the Bay Area: San Jose, San Francisco, Mountain View, Fremont, and Berkeley! The camps are all 3 weeks long in June/July.

Positions open include coordinator, counselors, and instructors. More information about the positions can be found here:

May 5, 2015

30 April 2015 Meeting

Oh snap! Usually, I'll try to have these meeting notes by the Sunday after a meeting, but it's almost finals and I had an essay due. Anyway, here's what happened last meeting:

One of our club members, Theresa, made everyone S'mores Rice Krispies! They tasted delicious, for those of you who missed out. Apparently, she made fudge last time! Hopefully she'll make us something for one of our end of the year parties! Thanks Theresa! Speaking of parties, this week's announcements were all about events.

Technically, this meeting was the last time you could present your game, but you can present during the party too. We will be having our end of the year party this coming meeting on May 7, 2015. Potentially, we can also have a second party on dead day the following week. However, this is still in the works and we'll be taking a vote this coming meeting.

IndieCade submissions have been officially closed! We'll be heading down to Los Angeles with the winning developers. Good luck to the two submissions that have been chosen!

Here's a list of the upcoming events our club will be at:
MAGQuest, the weekend of May 9
Maker's Faire, the weekend of May 16
Subzero, June 6

Here's the official announcement slides:

Apr 26, 2015

Officer Election Results for 2015-2016

Hello all!

This is your brand new secretary, Frankie, speaking. On April 23, 2015 , the SJSU game development club chose their new officers and here are the results:

Co-Presidents: Daniel Evans and Antonio Jimenez
Secretary: Franchesca Natividad
Treasurer: Christopher Lindsay

In an unexpected turn of events, the two opposing candidates running for presidency decided to join forces and tackle next semester as a team. Due to this development, the Vice President office has been left empty. Although, there has been talk of a second election for this spot.

Speaking of things to look forward to, we have our regularly scheduled events this week to attend! Remember this Monday, we'll be having our Prototyping Night in Art Building 241 from 7:30-9:30pm. Later this Wednesday will be lab night for all game development teams in the same place at the same time! Finally, this Saturday from 12-8pm MIS St. Jude Hospital's Stream Fundraiser in MLK Library.

Here's a friendly reminder of events that we will be attending this upcoming month:

MagQuest May 9-10, 2015
Maker Faire May 15-17, 2015
Fanime May 21-25, 2015


- 2-D Top Down Action Adventure.
- Ability to use multiple spells with different functionality.
- You are Rita, trapped in a dungeon and have lost all your spells. Fight through the subsequent levels, reclaim your spells and destroy the final boss!
- Made using the Unity Game Engine (Free)


Space - Use Spell
F - Interact
Q/E - Cycle spells
T - Dash
K - Kush
P - Pause

- Movement
L SHIFT - Strafe

Current Issues:
-Character has all spells unlocked from the beginning.
-No narrative/exposition.
-Graphical glitches

Made for Semester Year Long Challenge

Space Crime

* Top-Down fast-paced twitch 2D shooter
* Permadeath mechanics and sparse bullets
* Play as a cop fighting space crime, shooting space criminals
* 5 levels and 3 weapons


1 Pistol
2 Assault
3 Shotgun

LMB Fire
RMB Melee

RMB Melee & project forward
Space bounce off wall

k physics rendering toggle
l light rendering toggle
; mesh rendering toggle

Made for Semester Year Long Challenge

Fight Knight - A night to fight

A 1 vs 1 Fighter/Brawler with robust combat. Both knights duke it out toe-to-toe, dueling with slashes, blocks, and parries. Created from the dream of a 2-player PunchOut. Made in GameMaker Studio. Currently PC only.

Menu Controls

and Space

Combat Controls

Made for Semester Year Long Challenge

Running With Weapons

You are running from the end of the world, and it won't be easy, but you have weapons to help you get as far as you can from the end of the world.



W Select the Upward Weapon
A Select the Block-Destroying Weapon
S Select the Downward Weapon
D Select the Straight-Forward Weapon

F, V, or H Jumping
C, G, or B Shooting

Made for Semester Year Long Challenge

The Reflectors

Reflect the ball back at your opponent with the w,a,s,d keys for player 1, or the up, down, left, right keys for player 2. Select your character with (f) for player 1, or (k) for player 2.

Made for Miscellaneous

Oct 15, 2014

Extra Life 24 Hour Charity Stream!

Come watch us or participate in the 24 Hour Charity Stream hosted by the SJSU Game Dev Club! All proceeds will go to the Children's Miracle Network/Hospitals. We have chosen our local hospital - Oakland Children's Hospital as the recipient.

To Watch Us: twitch.tv/sjsugamedev

To Donate To Our Cause: bit.ly/sjsuextralife

To Participate:

Attendees Only - bit.ly/exlifesign

If you want to Participate to Play and Stream- bit.ly/participantsignin

In person viewing in room 213 on the 2nd floor of the library.

Streamers come to room 219 (on the 2nd floor of the library) 10-15 minutes before your start time to set up.

***REGARDING 1:00 am - 7:00 am time - THERE WILL BE NO IN AND OUT PRIVILEGE - if you are in the building before 1 am and leave anytime before 7 am, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO BACK INSIDE. *We cannot have security keep reopening doors as this is a safety hazard* ***

Sep 30, 2014

Meet Garret Cooper - The creater of BLACK ICE

The SJSU Game Dev Club presents our first special guest speaker of the semester - Garret Cooper, the creator of the recently greenlite Steam game "Black Ice" (Available now for purchase). Play his game, come ask questions and get to know how a Santa Clara local got his game published. Attendees will automatically get entered into a raffle to win 1 of 3 "Black Ice" Steam codes!

Sep 24, 2014

Angelica's Daily Ramblings

OK! So I know the FB page gets alot of hits but we need to make this website more personal. The calendar has been updated so go check it out! Thanks!

Destiny Dinosaur Dawn (Demo)

A bird and lizard dating sim / visual novel / text adventure / murder mystery game. In this demo you can date two out of the 4 available dates. Murder Mystery gameplay not yet available. There are people in this game.

space = Fast Forward
Esc = Options Menu (You can change the text speed)

Made for Small Well Polished Dating Sim/Time Travel Games

Star Cafe (Demo)

A light-hearted dating sim that takes place in a cafe. Serve customers, make money, and choose from four girls to date.

This is currently a demo. It will be completed in this lifetime.

Dialogue Controls:
Ctrl - Fast forward skip
Space - Progress through dialogue without automatically picking a choice option.
Esc - Save Menu (you can also load your game here)

Rollback or rollforward past or already-read dialogue with the mouse wheel.

Cafe Serving Controls:
Everyday, there is a part where you play as a server. Depending on the dish you are serving, you can either hover or click on the items in the bottom right corner of the screen to view the description or serve them, or you could use these hotkeys to serve items instead which are all located on the left side of the keyboard. All keys aren't used but it's in the general area.


All dialogue controls will not be available during the cafe serving portion of the game including saving, except for toggling to fullscreen.

Future plans/additions:
-Exploring around town
-More dateable characters
-Rivals that complement each dateable character
-Redo backgrounds and more
-Inventory system/gifts
-More nondateable/nonrival characters
-Make money useful- pay bills, buy inventory, decorate cafe
-More scenes/dialogue/locations/recipes/music
-Revamp cafe gameplay
-Needs more snark

Made for Small Well Polished Dating Sim/Time Travel Games

Summer Time Date (Demo 0.7)

Dating Sim Beat'em Up. You meet a time traveler that happens to be your descendent and the dating adventure starts from there.

The game can be played through from beginning to the end but it is not complete yet. The basic main plot dialogue is complete and the basic character dialogues are only from Prehistoric to the Medieval era.

The controls for the game can be found on the top interface.

Please send any feedback to this email:

Made for Small Well Polished Dating Sim/Time Travel Games

Titan Small Alpha

3D first & third person game prototype for arcade cabinet.


Player 1: (Left side of screen)


F - Move Left
H - Move Right

W - Move Forward
S - Move Backward
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right

G - Shoot
C - Switch between Third Person / First Person View

Player 2: (Right side of screen)


J - Move Left
L - Move Right

- Move Forward
- Move Backward
- Turn Left
- Turn Right

K - Shoot
, - Switch between Third Person / First Person View

Made for Miscellaneous

Bunny Happyness

A fast-paced arcade game where the bunny must eat all the apples before the wolf eats the bunny. This is my first time making a game.

Use these keys. That is all.

Made for Miscellaneous


A fighting game that pitches two players against each other in an epic battle of dominance. Players must shoot, collect power-ups, and defend to outsmart their opponent.

Made for The Fighting Games Challenge

Minus A Bajaj
Feb 6, 2014

Global Game Jam Games

Check out all of the awesome games that were made during the Global Game Jam here:


Cail's Adventure

Aim higher or quicker!
Keep breaking your previous records by achieving higher score or shorter clear time.

Created for ART/CS 108 class and for my achievement, in this platformer RPG game, you will be a random adventurer Cail, who seeks for random adventures and is through vast and perilous stages.

It is highly recommended to try finding ways to gain more score or find shortcuts in game, because you’ll figure out them. For instance, you can hit enemies’ back to deal more damage and quickly make him to defeat… and much more!

*Controls will be explained alongside tutorial stage.
Move: OR AD
Climb ladder: OR WS
Jump: Z OR E OR H/J/U
Attack: X OR R OR Space OR K/L/I
Select/Continue (Menu/Dialogue) : Attack OR Enter
Cancel/Pause: Esc OR 1
*Pausing does not guarantee your character's safety.
Make sure you're in secured place.

Note that each weapon has different controls to attack.
Normal attack (+combo) : Attack
Jump attack (midair) : Attack
Stab up (normal/midair) : + Attack
Stab down (midair) : + Attack

Version History: First release Fixed glitches on "HITS" graphics.
Fixed errors due to Gamemaker behavior changes.
Added support for WASD control scheme.

Made for Miscellaneous

Kelsey Higham
Jan 30, 2014

Dropbox link

Is here! → HERE'S ART ASSETS YOU CAN USE ← Click that!

More details to follow!

Clashing Code

Everyone clash as their path crosses each other.

2 to 8 players or AIs. Maximum of 2 teams.

Press the Space during the title or character selection to see the controls.

The game plays somewhat like Super Smash Bros. where there are the basic attacks and a button that does special attacks. There is also motion input special moves.

Motion input list:
Neutral Special: , , +Attack A
Upward Special: , . +Attack A
Forward Special: , , +Attack B
Downward Special: , . +Attack B
Hyper Special: , , +Attack C (with Max SP Guage/Purple Bar)
Counter: After guarding a hit with Defense, +Attack A or +Attack B or Attack C
Dodge: Hold Defense and press or

Shortcut input list:
Neutral Special: Special
Upward Special: +Special
Forward Special: +Special
Downward Special: +Special
Hyper Special: Special (with Max SP Guage/Purple Bar)

Next implementation:
> Character balance (if we receive any feedback)
> New characters (depends on the designer)
> Story mode

Please send any feedback or comments to:

Made for The Fighting Games Challenge


This creative project is presented to the faculty of the school of Art & Art History San José State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Fine Arts

Presented by Glenn Pham

Gallery Date:
November 18 to 21, 2013
Reception at 6 PM on November 19, 2013

USA, CA, San José State University, Art Building, 2nd Floor, Black Gallery

This is an altitude infographic simulation game.

The player plays as normal 50 miles tall girl who crash landed on Earth. Unaware of her height for the planet, she must explore and find her items, which was scattered throughout the continent, before returning back to space.

For controls, check the upper right corner of the interface.

For more information check out the link at http://bit.ly/AltitudeBFA

Made for Miscellaneous


Ram into your opponent to harm them! Whoever is moving faster harms the other — but if you miss, you'll hit the wall and take damage.



Made for The Fighting Games Challenge

Minus A Bajaj
Nov 6, 2013

FTL Music by Ben Prunty

This Thursday, Ben Prunty, the musician of the indie game Faster Than Light, will be coming in to talk!

For some samples of FTL's soundtrack, please check out this link: http://benprunty.bandcamp.com/album/ftl

Professor Layton and the Mystery of the black hole and it ripped off all his arms and the gummy bear

Made by the Game Dev Club in 5 minutes probably!

Use the

Made for Miscellaneous


A girl is late to a test in school and she must struggle to get past things that go horribly wrong. As things go wrong, she must complete tasks to fix them and survive them to get to her test.

SPACE To shoot

Made for Everything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Get Me

Simply, Catch the Red Ball.


Made for Everything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Murphy's Diamond

You are a scientist on an expedition to uncover a mystical stone known as Murphy's Diamond from deep ocean shipwrecks. The Diamond is rumored to have the mysterious power to cause everything that can go wrong to go wrong - bad weather to appear, items of importance to disappear, engines to fail and ships to sink. You know you are getting closer to finding the diamond as more things go wrong throughout your journey. The only person unaffected by the diamond's powers is whomever it's previous owner was, whom you know not, though whoever he is, he is probably dead... at least... that's what you assume...

NOTE: This is a short excerpt of the game play, the game itself in in the alpha stage of development. We hope you enjoy the demo!





Exit Game


Made for Everything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong


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